The Final Fantasy series has graced many different systems over the years. With the notable exception of Sega, you can find a Final Fantasy on Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox consoles. The series has existed for nearly thirty years, and the games have competed for sales with the likes of Super Mario BrosMetal Gear Solid, and Halo 3. The Final Fantasy series has had to evolve, and change how we look at RPGs. If the series had stagnated, then it would have lost its audience to the likes of Dragon Quest, Pokémonand World of Warcraft.

Due to its proximity to other classic series, Final Fantasy has crossed over with numerous video games over the years. Some are just brief shout-outs for the audience, while others are full blown appearances by famous Final Fantasy characters.

We are here today to find out what games the Final Fantasy series has been making cameos in. From Disney to Nintendo, and Squaresoft to Square Enix, here are the 15 Times Final Fantasy Has Crossed Over With Other Games.

15. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts 15 Times Final Fantasy Crossed Over With Other Games

The Kingdom Hearts series only exists due to a lucky meeting between two individuals. Shinji Hashimoto was a producer on the Final Fantasy series (he is now its Brand Manager). He had pitched an idea for a game involving Disney characters to the higher ups at Squaresoft, and it was accepted. By chance, he ran into a Disney Executive in an elevator, and was able to pitch his game idea directly to him. This meeting would start a chain of events that would lead to the creation of Kingdom Hearts. 

You might think that the Kingdom Hearts series is a direct crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy. This is not the case. The series can better be described as having a Final Fantasy style story and characters, but is set in a multiverse based on Disney properties. Actual Final Fantasy characters are few and far between, and the settings are generally based around Disney movies. The closest Squaresoft came to having a Final Fantasy world within Kingdom Hearts was by allowing the characters from another one of their games to take over a familiar area. Traverse Town is a location that has appeared in most of the Kingdom Hearts games. In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Traverse Town was taken over by the cast of The World Ends With You, an incredible Square Enix RPG on the Nintendo DS.

Some of the most popular Final Fantasy characters have appeared in Kingdom Hearts. These include Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Vivi, Squall Leonhart, Tidus, Selphie, Tifa, and Auron. Most of the characters are from the PlayStation era onwards, with the only Nintendo-era character to appear being Setzer from Final Fantasy VI. 

14. Secret of Evermore

Secret of Evermore 15 Times Final Fantasy Crossed Over With Other Games

Secret of Evermore is considered to be the black sheep of the legendary lineup of Squaresoft games on the Super Nintendo. The game was created by Square of America (rather than the usual Japanese studio), and was essentially a poor man’s Secret of Mana. You played as an annoying kid, who made constant references to fictitious movies, as he travelled the mystical world of Evermore. He is joined by his shape-shifting dog, who changes depending on what area of the game you are in.

While not in the same league as a Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Evermore was a fun game. It has received a negative reaction from RPG fans over the years, due to the (incorrect) belief that the Squaresoft chose to release this game in America instead of the sequel to Secret of Mana. An English translation of the Secret of Mana sequel was released in the following years, and showed how awesome it was. This increased the hatred towards Secret of Evermore.

Due to it being a Squaresoft game, Secret of Evermore featured cameos from different Final Fantasy characters. Cecil Harvey, the main character of Final Fantasy IV, appears as a merchant in Ebon Keep. He will tell you all about his adventures from his own game, before selling you stuff. Should you visit the Coliseum, you can see several of the characters from Final Fantasy VI in the audience (Locke, Mog, Relm, Strago, Terra, and Umaro are watching the battles).