Final Fantasy VII Remake is Being Turned Into an Action Game

Final Fantasy 7

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is perhaps one of the most long-awaited video games around, particularly given that the original title is one of the most important of all time. However, it seems as though the final product is going to be very different from the original game, with a much greater emphasis on action - at least according to a recent job listing.

This could be an interesting move from Square Enix, as Final Fantasy VII is one of the icons of the era. Already, the game has joined the World Video Game Hall of Fame, and its standing as a revolutionary title both from a technical and gameplay perspective has left is as a key landmark of the video game industry. However, its core turn-based combat has been overtaken by changes made in the last couple of decades.

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It seems as though Square Enix understands this, and its hirings for the project reflect a much heavier action focus. A recent listing over on My Navi Creator from the company asks for a VFX designer, with the publisher specifying that the listing is for "a position that will carry the core of Final Fantasy VII Remake that is being remade as an action game," as well as "a chance to challenge the world as a new Final Fantasy action."

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The listing also explains exactly what skills will be required from the successful applicant. Obviously VFX experience is key, alongside experience with MAYA and Photoshop as well as as a history making 3D game effects. Meanwhile, Square Enix is also looking for experience creating effects with Unreal Engine 4 and After Effects, as well as skill creating effects for CG movies.

Although some purists may be disappointed that Square Enix is pushing an action focus, it isn't much of a surprise. The initial Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer hinted on much more action, while the core Final Fantasy series has given users much greater hands-on control over combat over time. As such, this move to action was perhaps always on the cards.

At least fans have some time to process this news, however. The title was conspicuously absent from E3 2018, and it's been suggested by Final Fantasy VII director Tetsuya Nomura that the game may have been revealed a little too early. With a promised release before 2023, at least this will give the team behind the game ample time to get the project to the highest of standards.

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Source: My Navi Creator (via Siliconera)

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