The Final Destination Director Takes on Shark Night 3D

Shark Night 3D Director

Yesterday afternoon, Deadline chomped into some interesting news (wink, wink). According to their report, director David R. Ellis (The Final Destination) has reached an agreement to return to the world of 3D for his next project, the hilariously named Shark Night 3D.

The film is being made by Incentive Filmed Entertainment for a cool $28 million and is being produced by Mike Fleiss, Chris Briggs and Lynette Howell. Fleiss and Briggs previously worked together on the love-em or hate-em horror films, Hostel and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "A 3D shark movie? Did I hit my head and wake up in 1983?" Sadly, I'm afraid not. Yes, the last film that brought the Carcharodon carcharias (that's a Great White for all you non-zoology nerds) to the big screen in 3D was the critically panned Jaws 3D, but that's not what Shark Night's producers are thinking about. No, they're thinking about the fact that, despite being an absolute dud of a movie, Jaws 3D was number one at the box office on opening weekend.

You see, as we've lamented previously here at Screen Rant, 3D is a throwback Hollywood fad that refuses to die. While I respect Ellis for actually shooting his films in 3D (there is a demonstrable difference in films that were shot in 3D versus movies that were converted to 3D in post-production), the fact remains that, more often than not, 3D is just a way for Hollywood execs to earn extra money on an inferior product.

I'm a huge fan of shark movies (Jaws is an all-time favorite and I actually enjoy the campy Deep Blue Sea as well), so I'm not going to write this movie off yet. However, I will say that a B-movie in 3D is still a B-movie and I'll be happy for the day (although it's probably never coming) when we all don't have to pay extra money for the gimmick of 3D.

What do you think? Am I being overly critical? Does Shark Night 3D sound totally awesome to you?

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Source: Deadline via Bloody Disgusting

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