Final Destination: 5 Characters Who Had It Coming (& 5 Who Deserved To Live)

The Final Destination series is nearing its 20th anniversary and there are still some deaths in the film that fans can’t forget. Gore is usually a part of most horror movies and the Final Destination films often rely on gore to shock audiences. The first film was about a teenager having a premonition of his plane exploding after takeoff, only for it to actually happen.

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Each film after dealt with a similar scenario, with the survivors being killed off one by one in often gruesome ways. There has been five Final Destination movies total, but some of the deaths stand out more than others. Even though death doesn't discriminate, there are some people in the Final Destination movies that deserved to die more than others. Here is Final Destination: 5 Characters Who Had It Coming (And 5 Who Deserved To Live).

10 Had It Coming: Hunt

While The Final Destination is often considered the worst movie in the franchise, it does still have some memorable deaths. One character to meet his maker in a graphic way was Hunt (Nick Zano), who is at a public swimming pool when his lucky coin rolls into the pool.

Hunt dives in after it but gets stuck on the suction drain. Hunt gives it everything he’s got to get unstuck, but the suction is just too much and pulls his guts through the pipe and spits them out above ground. Throughout the film, Hunt was seen as an obnoxious and insensitive character, so most people weren't really upset to see him go.

9 Deserved To Live: Rory

Rory, played by Jonathan Cherry, was one of the survivors of the Route 23 pileup. After Rory and the gang go off to find Isabella Hudson, their car crashes into a farm. The paramedics and a news van come to the scene, the latter of which almost runs over a young man named Brian Gibbons.

Rory saves the kid from being hit by the truck but dies soon after when he walks off to do more drugs. When Kat dies, a chain reaction starts which ends with the news van exploding and shooting a barbed wire fence at Rory. Rory didn’t have time to react and his body is cut into three pieces. Rory may have been a heavy drug user, but he was often more helpful than others in the group.

8 Had It Coming: Frankie

By far the most irritating character of Final Destination 3 was Frankie Cheeks. Frankie was one of the survivors of the Devil’s Flight roller coaster crash, who also harasses any girl he sees. Despite Frankie surviving the crash, he is the third person to be killed by death’s design.

Frankie is in front of Wendy and Kevin at a fast-food restaurant, when Wendy sees an uncontrolled truck coming down the road. The two narrowly escape being killed in the crash and are able to jump out of the car. Frankie isn’t so lucky, though, as the engine cuts off the back of his head and the blades to the cooling fan become lodged in his skull. Based on his treatment of women alone, Frankie was one character who certainly had it coming.

7 Deserved To Live: Tim

Tim Carpenter was yet another survivor of the Route 23 pileup that meets an even nastier demise after he avoided the car crash. Tim was on the way to the dentist with his mother, but Kimberly made them miss their appointment when she held up traffic. Tim couldn’t avoid the dentist however and ended up going a few days later.

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After the dentist walks out of the room, a plastic blowfish toy accidentally falls in his mouth and nearly suffocates him. A nurse saves him from this fate, but after the appointment, Tim walks outside with his mother and runs after a group of pigeons. This causes the construction workers to hit a lever and drop a giant glass pane on the boy, crushing him to death. Tim may have not been the most well-behaved teenager, but he didn't do anything to warrant such a grisly death.

6 Had It Coming: Lewis

When Wendy has her premonition of the roller coaster crash, Lewis mocks her, which causes a fight with Kevin. After they get kicked off the ride, Lewis continues to act very arrogantly and even mocks death. When Kevin and Wendy come to a gym to warn him about his fate, he is too full of himself to take them seriously.

Then, two swords that were on display fall and cut the wires attached to the weights Lewis was using. Thinking he avoided death once again, he pushes the weights of the machine, which fall down and crush his head. Lewis was too self-centered to really be a team player, which ultimately led to his death since he wouldn't listen to Wendy and Kevin.

5 Deserved To Live: Lori

In The Final Destination, Lori is one of the last to die in Nick’s premonition. At the beginning of the film, Lori is killed in an explosion, but her death in Nick’s second premonition is much more gruesome.

When Nick has his premonition about the movie theater accident, he arrives in time to save Lori. They run out of the theater and down an escalator, which is destroyed by a falling beam. Nick tries to save Lori, but her leg gets caught in the belt of an escalator, which sucks her in and grinds her up. Since this was just one of Nick's premonitions, Lori didn't actually die in this way but was later decapitated by a truck.

4 Had It Coming: Olivia

Olivia Castle was a character in Final Destination 5 that was saved from a bridge collapsing after Sam had a premonition about the accident. Olivia was often rude to Candice and even laughed at the funeral for the victims of the North Bay Bridge collapse. Her death comes when she is going to get Lasik eye surgery. She is incredibly nervous about the procedure, which only gets worse when the doctor leaves the room and she starts to hear beeping from the machine.

Turns out, the water cup she had left in the lobby had fallen and caused an outlet to short circuit. This caused the Lasik eye machine to turn on and cut wildly into her eyeball and hand. Olivia is able to escape the chair she is strapped into, but twists her ankle on a teddy bear eye and falls out a window to her death.

3 Deserved To Live: Ashley & Ashlyn

Ashley and Ashlyn are two girls who survived the Devil’s Flight coaster crash, only to be killed in a tanning bed. The girls go to get their tan on, but the owner is busy on an important phone call. Seeing that Ashley and Ashlyn are regulars, he lets them operate their own machines.

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The condensation from a Slurpee cup short circuits the VAC machine, causing the tanning beds to go well past the temperature they are set to. The girls try to get out, but a shelf had fallen in between their tanning beds, which caused both of them to get trapped. The tanning beds get so hot that their goggles melt to their face and the lightbulbs ignite which causes their beds to catch on fire. Ashley and Ashlyn were the popular girls in High School, but they didn't deserve to die since they were usually nice to those around them.

2 Had It Coming: Isaac

Much like Frankie from Final Destination 3, Isaac is another character who spends a lot of the movie harassing women. Isaac goes to get a massage after stealing a coupon from his deceased coworker’s desk. Being irritated with Isaac’s behavior, the woman decides to give him an acupuncture treatment.

After Isaac has dozens of needles in his body, a fire starts and one of the legs of the table he is laying on breaks, causing him to fall and make the needles pierce his body. Isaac is able to crawl away from the flames to the other half of the room. Just when he thinks he is safe, a giant Budai statue that he had tapped for good luck comes crashing down and squashes his head. Isaac was an overall obnoxious character who harassed women, so fans were likely happy to see him go.

1 Deserved To Live: Candice

Candice Hooper is the girlfriend of Peter Friedkin in Final Destination 5. Candice wants to skip her gymnastics practice, but Peter convinces her to stay where she ultimately dies. One of her teammates named Porter is on the balance beam, and steps on a screw, which causes her to fall off and knock over a powder bowl.

Not being able to see from the powder blown in her face, Candice loses her grip and lets go of the high beam. When she lands, her spine cracks and her legs flip over the back of her head, causing one of the bones to shoot through her thigh. Candice didn't really do anything wrong in the short amount of time she was in the movie, so she didn't deserve one of the most gruesome deaths of the entire series.

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