Warner Bros. Making Final Destination 5

"Because we can't resist."

According to /Film, that's the blunt reason given by Warner Bros. head Alan Horn at ShoWest this week on the decision to greenlight a fifth installment of the Final Destination franchise, . And I guess we can't argue with such straightforwardness. If they want to do it, let 'em do it. Don't worry about what the moviegoers want - though I guess maybe audiences can always go for more course-correction killings, if the box office success of The Final Destination is any indication.

Personally, I'll always be a FD franchise apologist and defender. Nothing will make me contemplate and worry about the possibility of dying in some sort of accident, large or small, more than the first movie. And though I feel terrible for participating in death fetishization, I've never seen more clever kills than those in Final Destination 2. Also, that opening traffic pile-up stunt is so well executed it more than makes up for the film's terrible climax.

The third movie ... well, I tend to ignore it. I have little appreciation for it. As for the fourth film, the 3D was pretty poor and it's a shame the trailer gave away all the kills, but it had some interesting ideas. Using auto racing as a reflexive commentary on audience desire to see violence up close and then turning the violence back on that audience was very appropriate and poignant. Same with the idea to blow up a theater screen showing a 3D movie. The gag of having a 3D movie audience being bombarded with real material, like a car bursting through the screen, is a very old concept, but it was very fitting to the overall context of these movies.

We can assume Final Destination 5 will also be in 3D, though the meta reflexiveness will likely be absent. Which is fine by me, as now I'd rather just see some more creative kills - especially the kind with a Rube Goldberg type of chain reaction.

However, for some new territory to be explored, let me suggest the opening disaster be more natural this time. Maybe an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane, or something similar that people continue to fear, especially in recent times. Or, if they really want to be bold, what if FD5 involved an act of terrorism? One of the best things about the first film is the detectives investigating the deaths as if the main character was the culprit. Bring that angle back, please.

What direction would you like to see the next Final Destination go in? Do you think my last idea is too controversial for such a cheap-thrill franchise?

No word from Horn on when Final Destination 5 will shoot or open in theaters, but we'll keep you updated on any information regarding this sequel as we hear it.

[Source: /Film]

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