Final Destination 5 Snags 'The Thing' & 'Elm Street' Writer

Final Destination 5 Eric Heisserer writer

Just over a month ago we learned that Final Destination 5 was on the way, despite the title of the fourth movie - The Final Destination - suggesting the franchise had finally come to an end. But you can't keep a good death-filled, money-making franchise down, now can you?

We had an update on Final Destination 5 at the end of last month, where, on top of confirming it would again be in 3D (because that's what really made the fourth movie great...), producer Craig Perry also promised that it will deliver "inventive, suspenseful, fun kills," something which will likely please die-hard fans of the franchise.

Not that it's terribly important to those who just want to see people being killed in various different ways (who else watches these movies?), but we're hearing word that Final Destination 5 has snagged itself a screenwriter in the form of Eric Heisserer. The name might not ring a bell but he's apparently the, "go-to guy for reinventing branded material," having written the upcoming Thing prequel and the draft of the new Nightmare on Elm Street that first got greenlit.

Eric Heisserer writer of The Thing and Nightmare on Elm Street

So what can Heisserer bring to the tired long-standing Final Destination franchise? Well, details of the plot are being kept under wraps for the time being, although we do know there's a kill scene involving someone getting laser-eye surgery (I don't even want to imagine what will happen there!).

New Line believes Heisserer is the guy to, "break out of the repetition of the first four movies," although I don't know exactly what the studio means by that, since repetition is exactly why the franchise has made almost $500 million worldwide (I know!).

The Final Destination escalator death scene

I have to admit that I've kind of enjoyed some of the Final Destination movies in a guilty pleasure sort of way (although I've yet to see the first one for whatever reason). They're not great or even good movies, just junk to be consumed at leisure. The last one I didn't like, mainly because I thought the 3D was way too over-the-top and gimmicky. The scene of people watching a 3D movie getting killed in the theater by things bursting through the screen was pretty clever and funny, but that's about it.

What do you think of the writer they've gotten for Final Destination 5? Are you excited for more of death catching up with people or is this a franchise that should have ended long before now?

Final Destination 5 is currently in need of a director although the studio is already putting together a list of candidates. It will be shot in 3D (likely sometime this year) for a release in 2011.

Source: Heat Vision (via Collider) and myPDFscripts (for the Eric Heisserer collage image)

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