'Final Destination 5' Clips Tease a Predictable Horror Romp

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We are now up to Final Destination 5, the fifth installment in the Death-as-a-muderous-stalker series that (ironically) just won't die. While the last installment, The Final Destination, may have failed to leave even most die-hard fans of the series satisfied, it was also the highest-grossing entry yet. Hence why we're getting a fourth sequel.

Five clips from... Final Destination 5 are now online for your viewing pleasure. Do they suggest that this film will appeal to anyone but the same crowd who flocked to the previous Final Destination pics?

Not so shockingly, the answer is no. The fifth Final Destination does feature the return of Mr. Bludworth (Tony Todd), who was last seen in the second film - and seems to be most fans' favorite character in the series, either formerly or still living.

Other than that, though, it's just the same predictable routine: a group of people (played by largely unknown actors and actresses) "cheat" death and are killed off in apparent "accidents", one by one.

For a preview of that, check out the Final Destination 5 clips below:






Obviously, we could complain about the hokey acting in this Final Destination 5 footage or how the characters continue to behave in the stupid, stereotypical of the horror genre, fashion but there's little point to it. The Final Destination movies aren't about creative storylines or memorable characters - heck, most of the people in any one of the films end-up dead before the end credits roll, so there's little point in giving them much personality anyway.

Final Destination 5 director Steven Quale and screenwriter Eric Heisserer know exactly what fans of this series are looking for: an impressive central set piece where the main characters narrowly avoid being killed, followed by ingeniously-designed sequences where people get 'offed in creepy and unnerving ways (see: the laser surgery scene above).

Add a plot twist where Bludworth reveals there's a way of cheating Death a second time, and Final Destination 5 looks to deliver everything its loyal fans could want. Everyone else can (and surely will) just pass on checking it out - or get their fill by watching the official "True Romance" video from Final Destination 5 actor Miles Fisher (with cameos from the rest of the cast).



Final Destination 5 arrives in theaters this Friday on August 12th, 2011.

Source: New Line Cinema

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