10 Films Martha MacIsaac Did After Superbad

Martha MacIssac

Canadian Actress Martha MacIsaac began her TV acting career starring in the titular role on Emily of New Moon. After the show ended after two years in 2000, she moved on to debut in film in 2003 in This Time Around. Her additional film credits include Suburban Madness, Ice Princess and I Do, They Don’t. However, her role as Becca in the coming-of-age teen comedy Superbad brought the actress into the Hollywood spotlight.

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Since then, MacIsaac gained momentum as an actress and continued to build her acting resume with more featured and independent movies showcasing her talent.

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The Last House on the Left Martha MacIssac
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10 The Last House on the Left

The Last House on the Left Martha MacIssac

Martha MacIsaac’s next venture took her to the horror realm in director Dennis Iliadis’s 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left. Her cast members included Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter, Garret Dillahunt, and Aaron Paul.

The horror set proved to be a stressful challenge cast. So much they had to take a break from the intense filming. Dillahunt shared that, “The week where all the bad stuff in the woods happens, the producers saw it was taking a toll on us. They sent Martha, Sara, and I to the spa on the weekend. They got us massages and everything.”

9 The Thaw

MacIsaac remained in the horror genre, but her next project involved more of a sci-fi twist. In The Thaw, MacIsaac plays Evelyn, the daughter of the Dr. David Kruipen (played by Val Kilmer). While researching the effects of global warming, Kruipen's team ran across a fully preserved mammoth that contained a deadly parasitic bug.

With the original team having been mostly taken out, the newly arriving team of interns (with MacIsaac included) must figure out what happened and try to stop these insects. One reviewer accused the film of taking “a tremendous amount of its plot from The X-Files.”

8 Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage

Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage brought MacIsaac to a lead role in this film. Based on the play Halo by Canadian playwright Josh MacDonald, the actress played Casey, a teenage atheist that ended up creating her own miracle by mistake. After throwing coffee against a wall and a creating the image of Jesus Christ, she created a religious hoax around the image.

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Soon, she became the leader of new religious fanatics finding renewed hope in her miracle. The film premiered at the 2011 Shanghai Film Festival. Director George Mihalka also received a 2011 DGC Best Director nomination for the film.

7 For a Good Time, Call...

For a Good Time Call

For the movie, For A Good Time, Call…, MacIsaac took a smaller role: The Inmate. However, she still managed to deliver the laughs. Co-Writer Katie Anne Nylon spoke about giving MacIsaac comedic freedom for her role.

She said, “…She had the script and I had some alternate lines that I was delivering to her trailer. She opened the door with cornrows through her hair. So I gave her the alternate lines, but I told her to feel free to say whatever she thought would work.” In addition, MacIsaac prepared for the role by googling intimate activities in prison and watched Lockup.

6 Dead Before Dawn

Dead Before Dawn was a Canadian adventure-horror comedy revolving around the appearance of zemons, the insane combination of demons and zombies. Back to the Future alumni, Christopher Lloyd joined the film to add more star power to the horror flick. The indie flick also became notable for director April Mullen as she became “the first female director to shoot a feature in stereoscopic 3D.”

This time, MacIsaac played Charlotte Baker, the romantic interest of the protagonist Casper Galloway (played by actor Devon Bostick). Thanks to Golloway’s attempts at showing off for her, he inadvertently initiated the zemons with their friends.

5 Seasick Sailor

MacIsaac had a personal connection to the film short Seasick Sailor. Her husband, director Torre Catalano, wrote and directed the film. MacIsaac not only starred in the movie but also served as one of the co-producers.

In speaking about her love for the project, she stated, "I was kind of there from the birth of this project so it is something that I have been passionate about the whole time. And it was the first time that I actually have tried my hand at producing, which is a totally different ballgame."

4 Almost Anything

Almost Anything Martha MacIssac

Continuing to support her husband’s passion projects, MacIsaac returned in his full-length film Almost Anything. The movie revolved around seven well-off friends that stayed in a vacation house together. Critic Katie Anya explained, “As truths come out and emotions fly high, the friends are forced to face the complexities of their lives and relationships.”

MacIsaac described her character in detail: “I played Greta. The only married one of the group. Struggling with the realities of marriage and infidelity. She and her husband Will are forced to face their demons on the weekend getaway with their old friends.”

3 Battle of the Sexes

In Battle of the Sexes, MacIsaac reunited with her fellow Superbad co-star Emma Stone. It had been ten years since the stars had worked together. In fact, her personal relationship with Stone helped her to get a role in the film.

Co-director Valerie Faris said, “She and Emma are friends, and it just felt like if we build this group of women that have a certain camaraderie, that can't hurt. And she's great!” Stone starred in the biographical sports film as noted tennis player Billie Jean King. MacIsaac also played another tennis star, Jane “Peaches” Bartkowicz, one of the “Original 9”.

2 Unicorn Store

Unicorn Store Brie Lawson Martha MacIssac

The film Unicorn Store became the directorial debut for Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. She also co-produced and starred in the comedy. The film also starred Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford. After getting kicked out of art school Kit (played by Larson) is forced to move back home and take a menial office job.

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Cusack and Whitford played her parents, Gladys and Gene respectively. MacIsaac played Sabrina, one of her co-workers at her new job. Kit found renewed hope when she rediscovered her creative side thanks to The Salesman’s (Jackson) and a visit to “The Store.”

1 What Keeps You Alive

The Canadian thriller What Keeps You Alive followed the story of a lesbian couple as they celebrate their first anniversary at a remote cabin in the woods. Jackie and Jules (played by actresses Hannah Emily Anderson and Brittany Allen) stayed at Jackie’s family cabin and ran into her childhood friend and her friend’s husband. Sarah (played by MacIsaac) and Jackie, however, shared a tragic past.

One of the other childhood friends drowned at the lake, and the memories of the event seem to take a toll on both of them. From there, the tension and drama began (no spoilers, don’t worry).

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