• Film noir is one of the darkest, most fascinating movie genres, but what exactly is it? 1 / 12

  • This classic style of filmmaking has its origins in the 1940s. 2 / 12

  • During this time, filmmakers were limited by what they could show in a movie by the infamous Production Code. 3 / 12

  • At this time, there were no "PG-13" or "R-Rated" movies. All films had to adhere to the same rules. 4 / 12

  • This forced filmmakers to look for more subtle ways to handle violence and sex. 5 / 12

  • By developing new lighting techniques and taking advantage of the black & white format, directors found new ways to project dark and pessimistic tones in their movies. 6 / 12

  • Movies in the film noir genre are often characterized by several recurring themes. 7 / 12

  • They usually center on flawed, cynical protagonist or an anti-hero embroiled in a murder or some other dark mystery. 8 / 12

  • Other elements commonly found in film noir are convoluted plots, femme fatales, and hardboiled detectives. 9 / 12

  • One example of modern film noir is John Wick. 10 / 12

    John Wick 2014 Vertical
  • Notable classic film noir movies include Laura, Double Indemnity, Out of the Past, and The Maltese Falcon. 11 / 12

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