Paige & Zak Zodiac Interview: Fighting With My Family

Paige is an English professional wrestling personality, actress, and retired professional wrestler. She is signed to WWE under the ring name Paige. She is a two-time Divas Champion and was the inaugural NXT Women's Champion in WWE's developmental branch NXT, holding both championships concurrently at one time. The film Fighting with Family is executive produced by Dwayne Johnson and is the story of Paige growing up in a wrestling family and the conflict of competing with her brother for a spot in the WWE. Her and her brother Zak talk about what it's like to see their relationship portrayed on screen and their relationship as adults.

Screen Rant: First of all, I love this movie. The one thing that I love about it, probably more than just being the wrestling part, which I love, is the relationship between you and your brother. How is it seeing that replayed on screen?  

Paige: It’s good. Well, Zach, how'd you feel? Get over here for a second. I'm going to bring him in on this one. How do you think our relationship is now? We hate each other, actually. Can’t stand him. Don't even know why he's here.

Zak Zodiac:All right. If anything, I feel us closer if possible. You know, we've always been close. People have mistaken us for twins.

Paige:Well now he's really tall when we were younger and I wasn't so like creepy looking.

Zak Zodiac:There's only like 14 months between us. But it's never really hindered our relationship. It brought a little bit of a strain. One of us got signed, one of us didn't. But we've always been close. We've always been really supportive of each other's goals and dreams and aspirations, you know? So if anything if possible it's brought us closer, I don't know how that is even possible.

Paige:I figure it's just growing up and maturing and realizing there's way more problems in the world then what we think there was and Zak realized how successful he is it doing what he's doing. He doesn't need to have cameras pointed in his face and be famous to be successful. He's teaching kids how to wrestle, disabled kids how to wrestle. Something that no one can really do. You know, he's able to do it. He wanted a family, he got a family. He wanted to own part of my dad's company and he did that. So he realized he’s successful at what he does. He didn't realize that until he watched the movie though. And it's different seeing your story back on the screen, you know what your story is. You know it because you told them the story. But actually seeing it with your own eyes. What other people have seen. It really opens them. It makes you realize like, wow, I did a lot and he did a lot. And ever since the movie release we just got even more closer.

Zak Zodiac: I guess the old saying seeing is believing is true. You know, because you don't see what you've done until you actually sit down and someone else portraying your character.  You rewatch it and you're like wow, I done that.

Screen Rant: So obviously you guys are both wrestlers. The survivor series is a big traditional event and hopefully after this movie everyone's aware who The Knights are. If you guys could choose another famous wrestling family for The Knights to go against, whether it be The Harts, The Guerrero's or The Samoans, who would you guys choose against?

Paige: Oh, that's a tough one because all of them are really good.

Zak Zodiac: I think for the sake of the movie we'd have to choose The Samoans just because you know, Dwayne, Tamina, Nyah, Roman Reigns. You've got so many.

Paige: But also I would definitely do The Harts too because I love Natalie(Hart) and I love kicking her in the face and she knows how much I love given her a super kick. She takes it so well dude. Every chance I get, I get, I'm just like retweet, splat, you know?

Screen Rant: Seeing your lives portrayed onscreen obviously  has to be eye opening, but how did you think the portrayal was, I want to  say your characters, but of you.

Paige: Florence is fantastic. I was like, she played me better than me. She made me aesthetically way more pleasing first of all. I was like, sis you are smokin, good for you. I did not look that good back then. I was there. She looks fantastic, but, oh no, no, no. In the documentary I was like,  Ugh what happened? You know, it was like, how long have I been ugly? Tell me? Yeah it was very surreal watching her, but she did such a fantastic job, and I was like, if that's how I am, then I'm pretty cool.

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