Does Fighting With My Family Have An After-Credits Scene?

Florence Pugh as WWE Paige in Fighting with my Family

Does the Paige movie break kayfabe with its closing titles or does Fighting With My Family have an after-credits scene? Find out what treats are in store after the movie's finished and where else you can learn about the real-life Saraya-Jade Bevis.

Fighting With My Family tells the story of WWE Superstar Paige (Florence Pugh) from her working-class beginnings in Norwich, England as the youngest child of a wrestling family-cum-dynasty (led by Nick Frost and Lena Headey as her parents) to her training with NXT in Florida, culminating in her WWE RAW debut (and shock championship belt win). From director and wrestling-agnostic Stephen Merchant, it really balances the everyday British drama with the more glitzy wrestling side (including a cameo from producer Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself), meaning audiences of all stripes will be keen for more when the movie reaches its close.

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And, similar to Paige's first few months in America, what the movie itself offers is something of a mixed bag. The first half of the end credits for the film boast interviews with and footage of the real Knight family in action, but if you're looking for a proper stinger, you're going to be left disappointed: Fighting With My Family doesn't have an after-credits scene. Once the interviews are over, there's nothing extra.

For those looking to learn more about what happened with Paige, either the true story of her rise or what happened to her after becoming the Diva's champion, there's plenty of options. The UK Channel 4 documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family covers very similar ground to the movie (some clips are used for Fighting With My Family's credits sequence), showing the whole family's individual love of wrestling and the difficulties faced when Paige moves to the US (including a rather intimate look at the pressures on Zak). As for what came after for Paige, her time as a professional wrestler has been well-documented by the WWE. She is now retired, having served as General Manager of Smackdown until late 2018.

If you're interested in learning more about Paige's true story and the various wrestling nods and cameos in Fighting With My Family, be sure to keep with Screen Rant over the coming week where we'll be exploring the movie in full over a series of features.

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