Fight Like A 'Ninja Assassin'

This is a must watch if you have any interest at all in action films, martial arts, sword combat or parkour. /Film got a hold of a behind-the-scenes video of the fight choreography training for the upcoming Ninja Assassin movie.

The video features the infamous 87 Eleven stunt performing/coordination and martial arts training group who also worked on hit action movies 300, the Bourne films and this year’s Watchmen (hopefully this year). They do amazing work and are becoming more and more involved in some of the biggest action films around.

Ninja Assassin is the story of one of the world’s best assassins, Raizo (played by Korean pop star, Rain) who was trained to kill by a secret organization that later executes his best friend. Naturally, Raizo must avenge his friend’s death and the blood bath ensues.

Take a look at some of the action sequences you can expect to see in the film:


And that’s just the fight training! This movie is going to be bad ass and I’m definitely going to see it just based on this.

The action sequences look incredible and they’re obviously putting tons of work into it to make it flow and look real – “real” as in based on earth’s gravity and people actually performing these moves naturally and not like in Romeo Must Die or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon where a person can jump and kick multiple people while changing and reversing his direction in midair. You know what I Mean!

Does this make you want to see the film?

Ninja Assassin does not have a confirmed release date as of yet but is expected to hit theaters in the second half of 2009. It is directed by James McTeigue (Speed Racer, V for Vendetta).

Source: /Film

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