Hilarious Crab Combat Game For Switch Is Better Than Pacific Rim

Move over Pacific Rim, a new kaiju battle has arrived and it's coming to Nintendo Switch. Japanese indie game festival BitSummit took place last weekend in Kyoto, Japan, and it was filled with some wonderful titles. One game that wound up gaining quite an audience was Fight Crab, a quite literally named game from Nussoft that has players duking it out as various crustaceans. It quickly garnered attention online thanks to how unique the gameplay is.

This isn't developer Nussoft's first foray into the sea. They previously released the action game Ace of Seafood on consoles and PC. It features armies of fish battling for supremacy in a future without humans. The game quickly gained a cult following due to its ridiculous premise, and found a second life once it released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year. All of the attention led to Ace of Seafood being a financial success for the Japanese studio.

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The debut trailer for Fight Crab shows several different types of crabs going mano a mano (or claw-to-claw?). It's certainly an entertaining watch, and it's no surprise that clips from the video have gone viral on Reddit. After inflicting enough damage, players can go in for the final blow and flip over their opponent.

A smaller developer like Nussoft isn't able to match the spectacle of triple-A games like Battlefield V and Marvel's Spider-Man, but they can certainly offer up an alternative. This is a perfect example of an indie game doing just that. Fight Crab is completely ridiculous, and that's why it's now on the radars of plenty of Nintendo Switch owners.

Indie developers also have more freedom in what they make - and that's quite evident here. Fight Crab's gameplay doesn't appear unique in any way, but what is unique is the game itself, as a whole: a crab-vs-crab brawler. It's certainly refreshing to see a developer address this point of concern head on rather than dodging what is clearly on everybody's mind.

Details are currently scarce on Fight Crab, but it's currently confirmed to be in development for Nintendo Switch. No concrete release date has been announced yet, but it's supposed to release "sometime soon." One thing that is definitely certain is that no other fighting game will be quite like it when it hits the Nintendo Switch store.

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