FIFA 20's Career Mode Is Broken At Launch, EA Ignores Fan Complaints

It's beginning to look as if FIFA 20's Career Mode was shipped with a number of broken and buggy features, according to early reports from players. While it may seem like microtransactions and loot boxes have dominated the news surrounding nearly all of developer EA's recent titles, reviews of FIFA 20 have been fairly positive since the game's EA Access release last week, in part due to the inclusion of the street soccer-style Volta Mode.

The FIFA franchise is listed as the highest-selling sports video game series in the entire world, having sold over 280 million copies as of last year. While fans continue to argue over which FIFA game is the best, one thing not debatable is that FIFA is one of EA's most valuable intellectual properties, making their recent actions even more questionable.

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According to complaints compiled on an Xbox One Reddit thread, multiple glitches, AI problems, and large lists of carry-over issues from FIFA 19 are present in FIFA 20's Career Mode. These range from simple problems like typos and uniform design issues to larger complaints like players switching positions when other, unrelated options are changed, a broken difficulty system, and a conversation issue where no matter what dialog option is chosen the player character will always respond in the same way. The list was originally posted on EA's own forums but was removed due to a spam filter, according to EA's community manager.

EA later responded with the above message via Twitter, assuring fans solutions were on the way and saying because Career Mode is an offline feature it takes longer to fix and patch than the others do. However, the message also states the first patch is already "on the way and locked" and apologizes because the fixes fans are asking for won't be included in that first update. A new bug reporting megathread was opened in EA's forums and is continually being updated, although it appears company managers have stopped responding.

While having such a forum for players to address issues and bugs is a nice gesture and probably helpful for the game's development team, the sheer size of such threads doesn't bode well for the current state of FIFA 20's Career Mode. EA has repeatedly said they hear and understand the feedback from players, yet so many of the issues reported were also complaints those same bug testing fans had in FIFA 19. If those problems weren't addressed between game releases, some have very little hope they will be fixed now.

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Source: Reddit/Twitter(EACoreySA)/EA

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