25 Things Most FIFA 19 Players Don’t Realize They’re Doing Wrong

Everyone wants to be good at games. Sports games are the kind of raucous that will allow users to plateau at a certain skill level. Plenty of games have difficulty settings, but only sports games provide a more realistic gameplay depending on how the person sets their sliders. For example, a gamer can go through an entire Call of Duty game on a low level and still understand all the controls and perks. Conversely, a player cannot go through a career mode in FIFA on easy mode and end up understanding all the layers of gameplay.

The truth is, most players fall into bad habits with sports games. People find the style that works to beat the computer and roll with that till the end of time. Whether the person is a lifelong FIFA player, or just a beginner, it’s a guarantee that they are not playing the game to their full potential. To be fair, most gamers do not go “this game is solved, let me see how this game can become more difficult, now.” Instead, FIFA fans commit to a style and never discover all the things they could be doing better.

This list is dedicated to everything gamers are doing wrong in FIFA 19. The latest version of the game offers more in gameplay, and most fans are not aware of the evolution. These entries are a collection of tips and tricks to show gamers what they are doing wrong in the game. The truth is some of these skills may already be in some reader’s arsenal, but its a solid bet that this list is going to teach viewers a thing or two. Every entry ranges from simple gameplay options to career mode must haves, and everything in-between.

This article has it all, so with all the context out of the way, it’s time to get into 25 Things Most FIFA 19 Players Don’t Realize They’re Doing Wrong.

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25 Use Timed Finish

FIFA 19 Dybala

Timed Finish is a new mechanic that EA introduced to this most recent version of the video game. Players can now be rewarded by timing their shots better. It’s a risk to try and pull off a timed finish, but players need to give it a go more often.

The simple reason why fans of the series are doing it wrong is because most just want to ignore the new mechanic. Take some time to understand and come to terms with how the timed finish works. The whole purpose of the mechanic is to help the player score more often, so why not use it the majority of the time?

24 Quit Mashing The Shot Button

In a similar vein, many first-time players just started out their journey with FIFA 19. The whole experience is new, and with that comes a dangerous habit. So many players smash the shot button like it is a vending machine giving out free candy.

Smashing the shot button is not going to help. The shot button is sensitive to the player and positioning, so mashing the crap out of it is overloading the player command. Users never get the best shot off when smashing the shot button is the go-to move.

23 Watch The Masters

This entry will be awkward at first. Esports is growing in popularity, but sports video games have not quite cracked the main league reputation. After all, some will argue it’s better to watch the actual sport on television or in-person.

This idea is simply false. Watch the masters of FIFA 19. The best of the best will help show fans where they need to improve in their game. It is a learning opportunity on top of seeing some great matchups and games that the real sport cannot always produce.

22 Mix In Ground Crosses

Crossing is a natural part of offense scheming in the game. To be successful in the sport, a team needs to deliver accurate crosses to move the defense out of position. However, the gameplay mechanics of FIFA do not make this technique easy.

When facing an opponent online, it is always best to mix in ground crosses every now and then. These are not a go-to pass type, but ground crosses are an excellent way to add variety. Crossing on the ground achieves the same effect without the added risk of an errant pass.

21 More Dynamic Tactic Use

FIFA 19 Journey Characters

The best managers in the world of "futball" adjust their game-plan. It is a fact. Most fans see this in real world matches, but now FIFA allows the user to adjust on the fly more easily.

Gamers need to bring more flexibility to their game. It is hard to admit that a strategy is not working, but the excuse that it’s hard to adjust is long gone. Now, dynamic tactics allow a user to readily shift schemes and formations to combat the opponents game plan. Use this feature and explore the ability to change at any given moment.

20 Don't Overlook The Volley

FIFA 19 De Bruyne

People always say keep it simple, stupid. However, sometimes it is too tempting to avoid the flashy way of doing things. This idea is true both in the game and out of it when it comes to volleying the ball.

The developers now have a move dedicated to volleying the ball. The technique and its availability allows players more access to some incredible scoring options. It is time to move away from the drab scoring styles and move into the flashy show-off goals.

19 Appreciate Your Players

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in FIFA 18

Believe it or not, the rosters on FIFA are not just mindless drones programed to do the players' bidding. Most people would not know this by the way most gamers treat their roster. Too many people see the FIFA rosters as normal and not unique.

The truth is: every virtual athlete comes with their strengths and weaknesses. Too often fans do not take the time to appreciate the full talents of their roster. Get to know the players on the team and notice which play best suits their preferred style. It will help the gamer accumulate wins.  

18 Playing At The Wrong Difficulty

FIFA 19 Hunter

Monotonous gameplay is the end of any gaming franchise. If a player goes unchallenged for too long, the game becomes boring. This inability to motivate a new level of difficulty is common in sports game, but the solution is easy.

It is time to bump up the difficulty yourself. Community sliders offer a chance for a more customized, immersive experience. The game will be challenging. Matches will be lost more frequently, but the user is forced to learn more about the game through this.

17 Avoid Too Many 50/50 Situations

For some reason, fans tend to find a 50/50 situation to be a set of good odds. This idea is not actually true though. In FIFA it is easier than one might think to get better than a 50/50 ball on net (some of those tricks are in this article.)

Sometimes a 50/50 on net situation is the best a player will get. If that situation is the case, then take the shot. However, most of the time a player runs themselves into a 50/50 situation when other avenues were available. It is time to look past the simplest option.

16 Just Tap It In

This entry goes along with some earlier ones about shooting mechanics. Fans should know not to mash the shoot button now, but tapping it is the solution. Timed finish has changed the finesse required to make impressive shots.

Tapping the shot button is the way to go. Seriously, just tap the button. The mechanics are sensitive to how long the button is held and it will affect the timing. Tapping the button at the right moment is the best way to achieve beautiful goals.

15 Use Driven Shot One On One

Low-driven finesse shots are a thing of the past. Players no longer need to worry about the complicated finger placement required to pull off the tricky move. However, the driven shot is still usable, and it is still helpful.

Players are good enough to find themselves in one on one situations with the goalie, but most do not look at the driven shot as the best move. The truth is the driven shot is likely the best chance at scoring. This theory is hard to confirm, because every player has their own style. Try it out. If it works, then keep running with it.

14 Don’t Be Afraid To Get Desperate

Hockey fans know the strategy all too well: when times get desperate, pull the goalie. The truth is the strategy is the best chance a team has to score in the final minutes. Football fans do not normally see this idea as an option, but it works.

FIFA is not real, which means the strategy is different. When the final minutes of a match hit, pull the goalie. The shift in numbers gives the player a chance to score in the last seconds. Seriously, try it a few times. The result will likely be a loss, but the game will be closer in the end.  

13 Put The Names Above The Players Heads

Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18

Some gamers know which player needs the ball for their scheme to work. Certain rosters play better if the user knows who to get the ball to. In order to score, get the ball the stars.

That sounds easy, but the default name placement makes it difficult to always know where the ball is going. Putting their names above their heads helps identify the scorers quickly. Plus, it's not just the scoring players it helps stand out. Players can go to their go-to defender in a jiffy too.

12 Switch Players Correctly

Switching players in FIFA is a horror show in every way imaginable. It’s been like this for years, and players seem to find no comfortable answer. Heck, even this entry is not the end all solution. It’s a better option though.

Using the right stick to switch players is more efficient. Again, no method is a hundred percent perfect, but this is as close as it gets. Change your old ways and switch to this method. It will work better.

11 Keep Possession Longer

Everyone loves some good offense. This list is focused primarily on how to score more with style, but not every strategy is so focused on the putting on an offensive performance. For instance, try holding on to the ball longer.

Keeping possession is not the most fun strategy, but if the team being used is weak this will work wonders. Holding on to the ball makes each adverse possession more rare. The rarity puts extreme pressure on the opponent. This gives the user the advantage in tough matches.

10 Quit Using Such A Heavy First Touch

Soft touch, everything needs a soft touch. Quit hitting the ball heavy on the first touch. It is ruining possessions every time, ruining what could otherwise be an acceptable play.

Taking a pass with a heavy first touch slows the possession pace. It hampers control for the possessor and leads to more steals. This risk is why a heavy first touch is never worth it. Practice making the first touch softer. It will lead to more efficient attacks and better scoring chances.

9 Watch Hang Time On Air Balls

Most of what makes FIFA and other sports games work is timing. The better the timing for any skill the better chances for efficient moves. It is the lifeblood of all sports games, and hang time is no exception.

Most gamers do not realize they have more control over hang time than they thought. It takes a ton of practice to accomplish. Again most fans of FIFA are fine with casual gameplay, but mastering hang time is next level. The skill keeps possession consistent and also gives them the chance for more steals.

8 Test Your Online Opponent More

Playing online is all fun and games till someone rage quits. That habit does not happen as often, but online games can be frustrating still. So, it is best to handle online games as a place to test schemes.

Start testing opponents more. Give them a lot of looks to see if any of the schemes work well. The online matches are perfect place to try new things. All the new skills on this list are perfect for trying out in real time online.

7 Double Up When Attacking

When using dynamic tactics, some schemes work better than others. Using dynamic tactics is still better than nothing, but some are more useful. It is the way sports tend to work in general, and FIFA translates that rather well.

Doubling up on the attack is ferocious. It brings up an aggressive game plan that strains the opponents' defense. To double up simply means to press up twice on the d-pad. This rush of players into the box can be overwhelming.

6 Position Yourself Better On Defense

Always focus on how the opponent is attacking. It is important to always recognize how your opponent is playing. Just as one gamer is scheming, so is their opponent. To counteract this, always check the position of the defensive units. Setting them right helps tremendously.

Also, setting the individual player correctly helps a lot. Sometimes giving up the inside works better, but it all depends on circumstances. Always consider positioning as a whole unit first then move as a single player.

5 Pay More Attention To Set Pieces

In a similar vein, set pieces matter a lot too, and some fans of the game still ignore them too much. Not running set pieces is like not running plays in football. The whole point is to give the player an advantage.

Set pieces are difficult to master. Sometimes the piece is so complicated that it fails a lot, but a lot of times the real reason is lack of practice. Set pieces take a little bit of rote memory to perform successfully. Once a player knows some sets by heart they are more likely to be successful.

4 Stop Buying Gold Packs

Alright, it is time to call EA out. Many players want to build a good ultimate team, but so few go the right way about it. The pay to play model is frustrating, but what is more frustrating is the scam of using coins to buy packs.

Many reddit users on the FIFA community will agree that bronze packs are the only odds worth taking a risk on. Using coins on gold, or even silver packs, will waste more coins than its worth. The odds do not improve enough to justify the price hike.

3 Quit Ignoring The Youth In Career Mode

Winning is not everything. Sometimes career mode feels like a win now scenario, but that is only because of the disconnect with reality. Users are not afraid to risk it all and it shows.

The result is a career where the team is built for win now, but all the youth is ignored. Do not do this. Hampering youth development prevents consistent success in career mode. By ignoring the youth on the team, the player is basically giving up on having any constant chance at winning. It’s simply unsustainable.

2 You’re Diving Too Much

Some fans just want to have fun, but diving is not fun. Diving puts the defense out of position. It takes an unnecessary risk that rarely pays off. Stop doing it so much.

Seriously, diving is a rookie move. It is fine to do for a beginner, but it is time to stop when the difficulty goes up.  The move is cheap and rarely does the intended move. Not to mention, it risks a penalty for the player which is even worse. Diving is fine in moderation, but use it correctly.

1 Stop Sprinting So Much

Run, Forest, run! It feels like every gamer has that running through their head when playing FIFA 19. Everyone seems to be sprinting everywhere. Sprinting is fine, but the long-term effects are not worth it.

Slow down. Possess the ball and create space. Desperately sprinting to outmatch the defender is not going to work most of the times. Sprinting exhaust all your players and ends up making them vulnerable by the end match. Sprinting seems like a good idea, and it is a hard habit to break. However, at the end of the day, it is a habit worth breaking.

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