15 Fictional Characters Who Could Join The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Movie Set Visit

There have been several versions of the Suicide Squad throughout the years. With the movie set to release later this year, we thought we would give Amanda Waller a hand in assembling her next version of the Squad. We've scoured popular culture to find the smartest, most ruthless and deadliest characters in fiction to create our own Suicide Squad. You're welcome, Waller.

There are plenty of lists floating around about which comic book characters should join the team so we decided to do this one a bit differently. For starters, there are no comic books characters in this list. Secondly, a couple of them are a bit zany, but we tried to look at the characters themselves as opposed to the tone and setting of the source material they originated from.

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Jaime Lannister Brienne Tarth Game of Thrones
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18 Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister Brienne Tarth Game of Thrones

Prior to the loss of his hand, the Kingslayer was the greatest swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms and while the aforementioned hand is a bit of a problem, we’re sure ARGUS can hook him up with a nifty prosthetic. As a skilled swordsman and veteran of several battles, we imagine Jamie would make a good field commander for the Squad. A swordsman might seem out of place in a world of superpowers, but comic books are full of characters who do amazing things while armed with less than a bladed weapon. And it’s not like there isn't precedent for it; there is literally a character named Katana in the upcoming movie.

The biggest problem with Jaime being part of the Squad is a matter of temperament. He can be very arrogant, and that tends to lead to him making mistakes, such as his capture by Robb Stark. However, the loss of his hand, as such things do, humbled him and arguably made him better leader for it.

17 Boba Fett

Star Wars: Boba Fett and Bounty Hunters in Jabba's Palace

Arguably the coolest character in the Empire Strikes Back was the deadly bounty hunter, Boba Fett. While his end in Return of the Jedi was less than glorious, he still managed to make quite an impact. With his wide array of deadly weapons, training and experience as a bounty hunter, Boba Fett would make an excellent addition to the Squad. His bounty hunter skills make him an ideal assassin, but he could also serve as an effective member of a black ops team. Fett normally works alone, but we’ve seen that he’s willing to work with others such as when he first took up bounty hunting  Whether working solo or as part of a group, he would certainly be a valuable and dangerous asset to ARGUS. Fett would be rather difficult to control, but thinks to his mercenary nature it’s possible that Waller wouldn’t even have to force him to join the Squad. She could simply hire him permanently though that would make him security risk so he'd probably get the kill switch treatment like everyone else.

16 Hans Gruber

Hans Gruber in Die Hard

You know you’re probably taking things a bit too far when you’re kicked out of your terrorist organization for having extremist views, but Die Hard's Hans Gruber wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop him. Instead of giving up the on the whole wanted fugitive plan, he decided to use his training and connections to stage an elaborate heist. Sure the plan ultimately ended in his death, but Gruber earns an A for effort.

In many ways, Gruber is the perfect person to join Suicide Squad. He’s ruthless and deadly enough to get the job done, but he’s also very calculating and rarely loses control. In a team that includes Harley Quinn, self-control can be a precious commodity. Gruber is intelligent and reasonable enough to know that it is in his best interests to play Waller’s game so he’d probably be fairly easy to work with once you explained the rules to him.

15 Hannibal Lector

Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs

Made famous in Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector managed to pull off the impressive feat of being infinitely more creepy than the film’s actual antagonist while spending most of the movie locked in a cell. Hannibal occupies an unusual place on this list in that he could still be useful to the team and never leave his cell. ARGUS is, at least in part, a spy organization, and interrogation is an important part of the job. To be frankly honest, we suspect an 10 minute session with Hannibal would prove more revealing than anything else ARGUS could dream up. If you don’t believe us, just go back and watch Silence Of The Lambs. He’s  easily one of the creepiest characters in fiction and, as the book it’s based on proves, that isn’t all due to Anthony Hopkin’s talent as an actor. The only downside to him joining the Squad is the fact that we could see him attempting to call Waller’s bluff and force her to flip the kill switch. Well, that and the fact that Harley might fall for him while her Mr. J. is away, but we’re sure the Joker will be fine with it, right?

14 The Master

If Knowledge is power, then Doctor Who’s Master (or Missy) might be the most valuable prize on this list. Even if we assume that he doesn’t have access to a TARDIS and isn’t able to help ARGUS create one, his knowledge alone would make him an invaluable asset. Time travel itself isn’t too uncommon a thing in the DCU, but it’s mostly used as a plot device. There aren’t many characters who are focused solely on time travel; the Master’s knowledge of future events could prove useful. Even if we take things a step further and assume the Master, for whatever reason, has no knowledge of future events that could be useful to ARGUS, the technology and science of the Time Lords would still be an invaluable asset to Waller’s team. A single sonic (or laser) screwdriver would render all non-wooden security systems useless.

13 Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 Final Trailer

Utterly obedient, remorseless and deadly, genetically modified clones make for the perfect soldiers and assassins - at least until they turn on you, as Agent 47 did. The protagonist of the Hitman series of games is one of gaming’s most iconic and lethal assassins responsible for dozens of kills over the course of his career. Agent 47 was trained to be the perfect killer, before putting those perfected killing skills to use by killing the man who created him. It’s cool, though, because the guy totally had it coming.

Plenty of people on this list are capable of killing, but Agent 47 is unique in that he was trained not as a soldier, but as an assassin and infiltrator. Most of the time, Task Force X operates as, well, a squad, but there are times when sending in a single agent might be better than an entire team. It’s in those lone wolf scenarios that Agent 47 shines.

12 Jorg Ancrath

Broken Empire

The entire premise of the Suicide Squad is that it’s made up of very bad people who can do a bit of good and Jorg Ancrath might very well the be the worst person on this list. As a child he saw his brother and mother murdered by his family’s political rivals and swore revenge by any means necessary. Some of those means include setting off a nuke, leading a band of murderous thieves, and accidental necromancy.

Like we said, the protagonist of the Broken Empire trilogy is not a nice man, but he’d be a great asset for Waller’s team. Jorg is a skilled fighter and has minor affinity for magic, but his real strength lies in his cunning. He’s shown to be skilled at manipulating others and despite his temper and ruthlessness, he’s able to win the respect and grudging admiration of many people.

11 The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2

Every team needs a reprogramed murder robot from the future and when it comes to time travelling murder robots you can’t beat the original TX-800. Incredibly strong, durable and armed capable of wielding variety of firearms, the TX-800 is the perfect weapon. In addition to being a perfect frontline soldier, the Tx-800’s ability to look human makes it useful for infiltration. Of course as anyone who saw Terminator 2 knows, despite its human appearance the TX-800 does a rather poor job of imitating human behavior so it would would work better as an assassin than a spy. Aside from it’s awesome destructive potential, the Terminator has a couple of other advantages due it’s robotic nature. For starters, it will never tire like human agents will and since it’s a machine there’s no danger of it going rogue. Of course, since it’s a machine it can also be reprogrammed, but it’s still probably a safer bet than relying on Harley Quinn.

10 Lisbeth Salander

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Rooney Mara

When forming a covert black ops team, it’s important to make sure it’s well-balanced. I mean you can have the best fighters in the world, but if they can’t get past a locked door or access the data you send them after, then they’re kind of useless. Okay well not completely useless, but they’d be a lot more useful if they knew how to use a computer. That’s where Lisbeth Salander comes in. Made famous by the the Millennium trilogy and the 2011 movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Salander doesn’t have the raw power of some of the others on this list, but she’s a brilliant hacker and could serve as an Oracle type figure playing a similar role that to the Suicide Squad that Barbara Gordon did for the Bat-family. While ARGUS does have plenty of hackers and computer security experts at their disposal having Salander on the Squad would give them someone they could use in the field without risking their own agents.

9 Gru

Gru chooses his daughters over stealing the moon in Despicable Me

The main character of Despicable Me is a bit of an odd choice on this list, but the man is a supervillain and in a lot of ways he’s the closest thing to a comic book villain that appears on this list, though admittedly he’s a bit closer to the silver age style than anything else.  Plus he has access to a ton of weapons and inventions that would make him an interesting fit for the team.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to see Deadshot outfitted with weapons from Gru’s lab? Besides, it’s not like this would be the first time Gru has been forced to work for the “good guys” against his will.

As an added bonus, he could even bring his army of loyal, but incredibly incompetent followers. Though, honestly now that we think about it, we simply can’t get the image of a bunch of minions swarming ARGUS headquarters out of our head. The sheer frustration on Waller’s face at that thought is enough to make us put him - and his Minions - on this list.

8 Alex

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is one of the most influential novels of all time. The movie of the same name is considered a classic and one of director Stanley Kubrick's best films. The story follows Alex, a violent sociopath living in dystopian England. Without giving away too many details, Alex is a cunning, violent and very dangerous man. In the novel and film, the government attempts to use an experimental treatment to reform him, but we imagine Waller might have other ideas in mind.

Alex has no formal training or special powers, but his violent and cunning nature would make him an unpredictable and dangerous opponent. On the other hand, even with a kill switch on his person, there’s always the risk of Alex going off rogue. He wouldn’t get very far, but he could probably ruin a mission before they had time to take him out so that’s definitely something to consider.

7 Jacobim Mugatu

This is one of the more odd entries on this list, but, as we mentioned in the introduction, we’re trying to look at these characters as individuals and place less of a focus on the tone of the franchise that they originated in since we wanted to explore possibilities outside of comic books. That being said, the entire plot of Zoolander does kind of read like a comic from the silver age. We could totally see silver age Lex Luthor trying to brainwash someone into attempting to kill a business rival.

Despite the tone of the Zoolander films, Mugatu was competent enough to come up with the idea  brainwashing a fashion model and turning them into an assassin. If nothing else that alone could make him a useful tool. Instead of sending him out into the field, simply use him to help brainwash more competent people into being assassins. This, of course, assumes Mugatu is being overseen by someone a bit more competent.

6 Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

We debated only picking a single member of this team, but eventually decided that it would be a disservice to the Kill Bill to only pick one so we decided to go with the whole team. The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad is already a perfect fit for the Suicide Squad. ARGUS wouldn’t even need to add any additional members or provide training.  Even within the confines of the DCU, they are dangerous enough to hold their own against past incarnations of the Squad. Sure, they wouldn’t be much of a match for the Justice League, but despite Waller’s words in the recent trailer, no version of the Suicide Squad is going to stop Superman from doing anything. Working for ARGUS wouldn’t be too different from what the Vipers do on a daily basis anyway aside from a loss of freedom, but that is the entire point of the Suicide Squad.

5 Spike

Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

William the Bloody, better known as Spike for his preferred method of execution, is one of the most dangerous vampires to appear in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While most vampires, at least those that are long-lived, tend to avoid Slayers, Spike has actually killed two of them. Not only did he kill kill them, he even sought them out himself. Despite his impressive strength and combat skills, there are couple of problems with Spike joining the Squad.

His temper and inability to follow orders won’t be a problem considering none of the Squad is there willingly, but there are other issues. As a vampire, he has a nasty habit of bursting into flame if he’s touched by sunlight so he’d be limited strictly to night missions. The far more annoying problem would be the fact that he can’t enter buildings without permission. The show normally implies that this weakness is only limited to homes, but they also specifically mention a loophole when Angel enters Sunnydale High so the rules aren’t entirely clear.

4  1. Walter White

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

Even though he’s more than capable of holding his own in a fight, Walter White is probably not going to be rushing headlong into gunfire. He’s smart enough that he’ll talk Killer Croc into doing that for him while he runs things from somewhere a bit safer. In fact, White probably wouldn’t be taking part in too many firefights, if he could avoid them, but he would be a good strategist for the team. The mission goals and a basic plan would probably be laid out by someone within ARGUS, but they would need someone to make plans and give orders when things go wrong and White could serve well in that role. It’s true he lacks military experience, but he’s shown himself to be intelligent and adaptable enough to forge his his own drug empire so with a bit of training he could be a useful tool for the Suicide Squad. Plus, we’re insanely curious to see what he could cook up if given access to ARGUS’s labs.






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