FFXIV Patch 4.56 Drops Soon, Ending the Stormblood MSQ and More

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With Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers only a few months away, it's about time for Square Enix to start wrapping up all the loose ends that they introduced in Stormblood to make room for the saga of the Warrior of Darkness, which looks like it kicks off rather apocalyptically in the expansion to come. Now, it's been announced that FFXIV Patch 4.56 will be arriving soon and that it'll be bringing beast tribe quests, the end of the Stormblood questline, and new Hildibrand quests for the truly dapper.

Patch 4.5 has been referred to as A Requiem for Heroes, and FFXIV Patch 4.56 is Part 2 of this Requiem for Heroes. It looks like the narrative is going to kick off here on the back of border conflict between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Empire, but the patch is going to bring a lot more than just more Main Story Quests (MSQ) for lore nerds.

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The official FFXIV Twitter account sent out a tweet earlier about the latest patch, noting that it would include a number of things, including the conclusion of the Stormblood MSQs. Chief amongst the things to be included with FFXIV Patch 4.56 is the introduction of a new series of beast tribe quests, which looks like it's going to involve all three of Stormblood's beast factions: the Ananta, the Kojin, and the Yamazu. Fans who've been waiting eagerly for more weird and wacky adventures of Hildibrand won't have to wait long either: the dapper inspector's troubles in the East haven't ceased, and he's still chasing his newest foe.

How this saga introduced in FFXIV Patch 4.56 eventually segues into the conflict in the Shadowbringers trailer that heralds a world-destroying evil is yet to be seen, but the heavy involvement of shadowy familiar villains in recent quests signal that Square Enix is likely sowing the seeds of discord with this latest patch. The secret beast tribe quests being introduced might also give us a clue as to who could be the Warrior of Darkness' newest allies in the fight against the Imperials. Whether it's a new tribe or a new series of quests for the existing tribes is uncertain, but it's likely the latter; the reconciliation event between the Ananta, Yamazu and the Kojin has been brewing for some time and it'd be nice to wrap that up alongside Stormblood.

While FFXIV Patch 4.56 might not be bringing a lot in terms of new glamors, minions, or other aesthetic affectations, it's important because of the role that it has to play in tidying up the questions introduced by Stormblood's post-Shinryu content up until this point. With so many narrative twists and turns ever since the reveal of Alphinaud's mysterious rescuer in Part One of Requiem for Heroes, fans will be dying to see how it all ties together, and to see what Square Enix will be hinting at next with Shadowbringers on the horizon.

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