FF7 Remake Summons Unveiled In TGS 2019 Trailer

FF7 Remake Summons Shiva Trailer

FF7 Remake summons have finally been unveiled thanks to a new Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer, which showcased both Ifrit and Shiva as they appear during the game. FF7 Remake is edging closer to its 2020 release date, with more information beginning to emerge and closer looks at the game's totally revamped mechanics and aesthetic finally beginning to make their way into the public.

FF7 Remake will totally reimagine the classic Final Fantasy adventure. In Screen Rant's hands-on with the game at E3 2019, it was a clear show-stealer that fundamentally changed the game but managed to honor many of the elements that made it a so well-loved in the first place. FF7 Remake swaps the turn-based combat of its former iteration for a more fast-paced, action-esque style, but menus are still present and JRPG fans won't feel out of place with the way battle proceeds. Beyond that, FF7 Remake will break up the original game's narrative into several episodes, with the upcoming game taking place almost entirely in Midgar, the city that makes up the original FF7's earliest gameplay. Other changes, like those made to FF7 Remake's materia system, have yet to be fully explained.

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FF7 Remake has impressed with each trailer developer Square Enix has revealed, and the new FF7 Remake TGS 2019 trailer was no exception. In the videoFF7 Remake summons were revealed for the first time. Fans caught a glimpse of Ifrit as it made an attack on enemies, while Aerith summons Ice-based deity Shiva later in the trailer to freeze foes. Both of the FF7 Remake summons shown in the trailer are staples of the franchise and were certainly considered locks to make the remade version of the game, but this is the first look fans are getting at their new character models and the way they function on the battlefield.

The FF7 Remake summons weren't the only new looks presented by Square Enix at TGS 2019, however. Final Fantasy fans were also treated to an extensive look at the Turks, the minor antagonists in FF7's story and characters who were so popular they received their own spin-off media and inclusions in other Final Fantasy titles. The trailer closes on an absolutely gorgeous shot of Cloud, Barret, and Tifa looking out at the destruction of one of Midgar's plates, one of the most horrific early moments in the game and something that helps establish how high the stakes are for everyone involved.

Now that FF7 Remake summons have been revealed, it's possible consumers will learn just how they function in the near future. FF7 Remake summons have been a closely guarded secret from Square Enix during the game's development, and getting a glimpse at them seems to indicate there will be much more info available soon - perhaps even lengthier gameplay demonstrations in order to showcase how they affect battle in FF7 Remake. Either way, it's an exciting time for FF7 Remake fans, and the appearance of remade summons, Turks, and even the environment itself is sure to be the subject of debate until the next trailer drops.

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