FF7 Remake's Box Art Is Nostalgia Done Right

FF7 Remake Box Art Revealed

Square Enix unveiled FF7 Remake's North American and European box art earlier today, and the depiction of Cloud gazing up at Shinra headquarters is a perfect example of how to do nostalgia right, blending an iconic scene with some of the modernized graphics fans will experience with the remade title. Previously, Square Enix unveiled the art as a tribute to the game's anniversary this year, a move many praised and felt was a strong indicator that FF7 Remake's delicate process of balancing old features fans love with modern elements that make a game compelling to play was going well.

FF7 Remake was one of the most talked about games of the summer this year, often stealing the show at whichever event it was present at. Most recently, FF7 Remake trailers showcased the game's summon system and showed off new looks for Ifrit and Shiva, two iconic summons in the franchise. It was also an example of how the game is preserving its aesthetic elements and the core of its gameplay while innovating it to be more engaging and flashy, as summons won't just do one attack and will instead persist on the battlefield for a limited amount of time before departing with a gorgeous-looking final assault. Those worried about a combat system that is too hectic or fast-paced don't need to worry anymore, either, as FF7 Remake's turn-based mode was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2019 and will help those who were concerned over playing an action-RPG.

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FF7 Remake's box art - at least for North American and European audiences - will be just as well-received as the turn-based mode. Square Enix unveiled the box art earlier today on the official FF7 Remake Twitter and it features the iconic shot of Cloud looking up at Shinra HQ while gripping his famous Buster Sword, steeling himself for the challenge ahead. Fans are already praising the box art, which means Square probably made the right decision in sticking with an image that has gotten a lot of coverage over the past few weeks.

Given the specific North American and European box art designation, it's worth wondering what's coming for Japanese fans of FF7 Remake. Any major changes to the box art could result in a collector's item for western fans and a demand for two copies of the game for those interested. It doesn't seem like FF7 Remake sales are going to be a concern for the game, however, which has taken home so many best in show awards over the course of the summer that it would be surprising if it wasn't one of the best-selling games of 2020.

Still, with a fair bit of time to go between now and then, it's an exciting reveal from Square that will sate fans of the PS4 exclusive for a while yet. The FF7 Remake box art is yet another indication that the game is getting its tone and aesthetic exactly right, and nostalgia meets great gameplay should be the expectation come early 2020.

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