FF14 & NieR Crossover Introduces Copied Factory, First Dark Apocalypse Raid

The FF14 NieR crossover adds the Dark Apocalypse raid series in Patch 5.1, which also introduces the next chapter in the Shadowbringers main scenario.

The FF14 and NieR crossover event will add a new raid called Dark Apocalypse in Patch 5.1, alongside a new chapter in the Shadowbringers main scenario storyline for players who have completed the narrative up until this point. FF14 Shadowbringers was a transcendent MMORPG release in a summer that was somehow populated by two of them, with many praising the expansion as one of the best ever released in the genre while WoW Classic released later to a similarly incredible response from a community that some felt might not be able to support the game once it was finally realized by Blizzard.

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It's been a long time since the MMORPG scene was in such a strong position, which is why Square Enix is capitalizing on it by introducing even more tantalizing content to a game that only recently launched an entirely new expansion. Shadowbringers introduced a number of new concepts to FF14, including the Trust system, which allows players to run through dungeons solo while accompanied by AI-controlled characters from the main scenario's story. With such a heavy emphasis placed on the story, characterization, and crossover potential of FF14, it makes sense that NieR - still riding high from Automata's incredible reception - would be one of the games Square Enix brought into the world of Eorzea and beyond.

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FF14 and NieR will officially crossover with the Dark Apocalypse raid series, which will be introduced in Patch 5.1, titled "Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty." The Dark Apocalypse raid series will kick off with the 24-player alliance raid "The Copied Factory," designed by guest creators Yosuke Saito and Yoko Taro. FF14 is also adding New Game+, a mode that will let players replay quests they had previously completed while retaining their current progression and job level.

Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Vauthry Final Form

Other additions include new main scenario quests, content that is meant to focus on crafter- and gatherer-focused gameplay, another new dungeon in The Grand Cosmos, and much more. It's a substantial addition that will even make adjustments to FF14's popular Gold Saucer, showcasing the depth with which Square is approaching additional Shadowbringers content despite the extremely positive reception it has already received.

While WoW Classic might be the best blast from the past in MMORPGs today, it still feels like Shadowbringers is in prime position for current examples of the genre. That position is only being solidifed with the amount of content getting added to FF14 Shadowbringers, and its NieR crossover event could attract even more players to the game given that franchise's extremely dedicated fanbase.

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