WWE Announces All-Female Royal Rumble Match

The first ever all-female Royal Rumble match has finally been announced.

Both WWE and its women have come a long way over the last couple of years. No longer are the promotion's females made to compete in their underwear. No longer are they demeaned and made to seem as lower on the totem pole than their male counterparts. Via a litany of firsts as well as a multitude of talented women being hired, the female roster along with its angles and matches have become can't miss segments a lot of the time across all three brands.

The litany of firsts mentioned above is the real measuring stick for how far the women of WWE have come in recent years. From the first ever iron woman match, then first time headlining a pay-per-view, to a Hell In A Cell match, Money In The Bank, and most recently Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss became the first women to wrestle in the United Arab Emirates.

Well, when Stephanie McMahon stepped out of a limo unannounced on Monday night, you knew something big was coming. Then, during the last segment, what that announcement was going to be became clearer and clearer. The six-woman tag match that had been going on descended into anarchy, and within a few minutes, the entire Raw women's roster was brawling in and around the ring.


The arrival of Stephanie McMahon soon put a stop to that. As the Billion Dollar Princess made her way down the ramp towards the ring the chaos stopped and all the attention was now on her. Once in the ring, McMahon ran down the list of firsts that we just went over and then added another on to the end of it, the first ever women's Royal Rumble match. Naturally, it will take place on Jan. 28, 2018, in Philadelphia, but apart from that, she didn't have much information for us.

There have been rumors flying around that there were plans to have a female Royal Rumble match in 2018, and really it was just a case of it being officially announced. Well, now it has and the speculation as to who will compete in it and who the winner will be can begin. Will there be enough women to make it a 30 person match like the men's equivalent is?

While trying to keep track of whether Stephanie McMahon is a babyface or a heel can be a confusing task—she embraced Nia Jax as Raw went off the air—what's for sure is that her announcement was an exciting one. The Royal Rumble match is probably the most anticipated bout of the year, and now we have two of them to look forward to with the female Royal Rumble!


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