'Felony' Trailer: Joel Edgerton Makes a Serious Mistake

Joel Edgerton in Felony

Australian character actor Joel Edgerton has made a real name for himself in the States over these past few years, starting with his performance in the Australian crime drama/thriller Animal Kingdom. Edgerton recently wrote the story for The Rover - Guy Pearce's post-apocalyptic crime/drama that released in theaters earlier this year - and he penned the script for another Australian film project: Felony, the upcoming cops/crime morality tale, which also features Edgerton as the headliner.

Felony, as the above trailer illustrates, revolves around Malcolm Toohey (Edgerton), a detective who'd recently been celebrated for his heroism, when he accidentally hits an under-age bicyclist with his car - leaving its young rider in a coma - and does not confess to the act.

Malcolm thereafter finds himself being investigated by one detective, even as another one does his best to make sure the evidence cannot be traced back to the publicly-respected Malcolm. Question is, just how far will these three men go, in order to either hide or expose the truth?

Edgerton's costars in Felony include Jai Courtney (A Good Day to Die Hard), Tom Wilkinson (Belle), and Melissa George (The Good Wife), while the movie was directed by Matthew Saville - whose previous work includes the feature Noise as well as the TV series Please Like Me.

Joel Edgerton in Felony

Felony has been touring the film festival circuit over the past year, beginning with the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. The Australian production has thus far been generally well-received - as indicated by the critical excerpts in the trailer - having been praised by the likes of Variety's Ronnie Scheib for being a "stylish psychological thriller," while The Australian's Stephen Romei calls it another "smart, sophisticated" addition to the recent slate of Australian crime genre films.

Edgerton's next major tentpole appearance will be in director Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings, where he plays Moses' adopted brother, Rhamses. However, it sounds as though Felony is a strong showcase for not just Edgerton's acting prowess, but also his abilities as a storyteller behind the camera. Next up, Edgerton the feature-length film director?

Felony will be available for viewing on iTunes starting September 16th, 2014, before it begins a limited U.S. theatrical release a month later on October 17th.

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