'Dragon Age: Redemption' Web Series Stars 'Guild' Favorite Felicia Day

Felicia Day on the set of Dragon Age: Redemption.

Felicia Day is fast becoming an Internet starlet. After success on her own independent web series The Guild, Day will take the starring role in Dragon Age: Redemption. The series will be based on EA and Bioware's popular RPG franchise - Dragon Age.

Day is no stranger to fantasy roles, both on and offline. A recurring role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer led Joss Whedon to cast her as the female lead opposite Neil Patrick Harris in the Internet short Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog during the WGA writers' strike of 2008. Since then, she's made guest appearances on Lie to Me, Dollhouse, and Eureka. She also played the lead role in Syfy's Red: Werewolf Hunter TV movie last year.

Of course, Day's prime qualification for a high-profile web series is her own independent project, The Guild. Started in 2007 and still running strong, The Guild follows a group of online RPG gamers as they go about their real - and virtual - lives. The series draws heavily upon the culture and conventions of World of Warcraft, whose player base makes up the vast majority of its audience.

The Guild is low-budget, but has created an impressive following, racking up over 100 million cumulative YouTube hits. Day writes as well as acts for the series and she's stated publicly that The Guild breaks even financially - no small feat in a world of razor-thin online ad revenue.

As mentioned, the new project will take place in the world of Bioware's ambitious console and PC RPG, Dragon Age. The game has sold millions of copies internationally, and is schedule for a sequel this spring. In a trend that's more and more common among high-budget titles, the game features voice acting from recognizable actors like Tim Curry and Kate Mulgrew.

dragon age origins

The game differs from Dragon Age's source material - being a largely single-player, story-focused experience. It's a story that Dragon Age: Redemption will expand upon. Day will play an elf assassin in a role that integrates her character in the highly political storyline of the game. Dragon Age II will be released next month, and shooting for Dragon Age: Redemption has already begun.


The first of six episodes of Dragon Age: Redemption will air online sometime this summer. You can also check out our sister site Game Rant's Dragon Age coverage.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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