Once More, With Feeling: 'Fringe' Gets Musical?

Because the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Fox television series Fringe is singing, here comes Fringe: The Musical! Well, err, kinda. During an episode in May (titled "Overture"), the cast of Fringe will help Fox promote a Glee-themed week with an all-musical episode. Before you start a letter writing campaign though, consider the twist: the song and dance numbers are hallucinations inside Walter Bishop's addled brain.

While this might sound like a waste of precious time - especially during what's a sure-to-be pivotal May sweeps episode - it looks like the singing will have an important impact on the show's twisty mythology. Cast member Jasika Nicole (Walter's very patient lab assistant, Astrid) basically confirmed as much to Sci-Fi Wire without actually saying anything: "It's essentially Walter kind of manifesting his [musical] idea. He's trying to get his mind off of, you know, what's going on because he's just waiting to see what's going to go on with Peter."

Well, what is going on with Peter? [Spoiler Warning] Since the second season of Fringe has been building to the revelation that Peter is actually from the alternate reality, it seems logical that a scenario could arise where he goes back upon finding out. At least hopefully that's the case, since the best episodes of Fringe are always the one's that concentrate on the overarching story. Who cares about the Monster of the Week when more information can be gleaned about Massive Dynamic?

Fringe returns April 1 on Fox and, according to Screen Ranter Anthony Ocasio, it'll feature an '80s themed opening credit sequence. Don't worry, it will all make sense once you see the episode.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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