7 Movies We're Looking Forward To: February 2015

February 2015 Movie Preview

Outside of American Sniper, January was a fairly quiet month for new releases, with only a few films actually finding success with moviegoers and at the box office. As we enter February, though, there should be no shortage of potentially exciting films to see, but whether or not they will be quality releases is unclear.

Coincidentally, this February looks to be the month of big budget risks, with several films trying to buck the stigma associated with major delays. February is also fast becoming a lucrative month for genre fare, despite the obvious romance connections. Either way, this month is likely to offer something for everyone.

Here are the 7 Films We're Looking Forward to in February 2015.


Jupiter Ascending (Release Date: February 6th)

February 2015 Preview - Jupiter Ascending

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Jupiter Ascending, not the least of which involve its last minute delay, but a sci-fi epic from the Wachowskis was always going to be a must-see in our book. If nothing else, the Wachowskis know how to present a bold vision and they try to make films that feature original concepts surrounded by unique worlds. Sometimes those films don’t always meet the directors' or fans' expectations, but that never takes away from their ambition.

Luckily for Jupiter Ascending, lead actors Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis may just be enough for the film to succeed even if its concept won’t appeal to everyone. There’s a lot of spectacle surrounding them, but Kunis and Tatum have shown they can generate box office dollars. It may be a tough sell overall, but Jupiter Ascending has the potential to wow and that’s worth paying attention to.

Check out the trailer for Jupiter Ascending.


Seventh Son (Release Date: February 6th)

February 2015 Preview - Seventh Son

Like Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son has the dark cloud of delays hanging over it, but that doesn’t mean it’s been completely written off. The film clearly has a lot of money behind it, and it actually boasts some impressive names to boot. It's also quite a coincidence that Seventh Son and Jupiter Ascending are going head-to-head.

With a cast that includes Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, there’s something about Seventh Son that makes it sound like a potentially enjoyable fantasy adventure. Then again, studios' disinterest in the film could mean its bound to be a major flop. In fact, it reminds us a lot of last year’s I, Frankenstein, another big budget fantasy tale that had potential. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for that film, and chances are Seventh Son may be destined for a similar fate.

Check out the trailer for Seventh Son.


Fifty Shades of Grey (Release Date: February 13th)

February 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It may not be for everyone, but it’s hard to deny that Fifty Shades of Grey has the potential to make big money this month. Based on the worldwide bestseller and featuring a cast of mostly unknowns, Fifty Shades of Grey has very little to lose and everything to gain. It also has a fanbase that is ravenous, even if they don’t all support the casting decisions.

For those who might not know, Fifty Shades of Grey follows a young woman named Anastasia Steele whose chance encounter with successful businessman Christian Grey opens her sexual horizons. Okay, so the movie is probably not going to do much for male moviegoers, but as Twilight has shown, successful books geared toward women can become big hits.

Check out the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey.


Kingsman: The Secret Service (Release Date: February 13th)

February 2015 Preview - Kingsman

Matthew Vaughn earned a lot of street cred in the comic book universe for his work on Kick-Ass and with X-Men: First Class solidified himself as a comic fans’ director. So regardless of Kingsman: The Secret Service’s lack of notoriety, we’re greatly anticipating Vaughn’s latest film. It also doesn’t hurt that early reviews for Kingsman have pegged it as a hit – a slicker, cooler version of James Bond.

The basic premise of Kingsman: The Secret Service involves a group of young adults trained to be members of an elite group of super spies. It features Colin Firth playing against type and newcomer Taron Egerton as his trainee, and looks every bit as stylish as Vaughn’s past work. Fifty Shades of Grey may be the biggest release of the month, but Kingsman is arguably the one we are most looking forward to.

Check out the trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service.


Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (Release Date: February 20th)

February 2015 Preview - Hot Tub Time Machine 2

It might be a stretch to call the first Hot Tub Time Machine a cult classic, but the film was funny enough to find an audience. However, few would say that the film, while somewhat creative, deserved a sequel. Nevertheless, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is on the way, and the time travel antics appear to be pushed to new limits. Most of the cast is back - except John Cusack has been replaced with Adam Scott - along with director Steve Pink. That in itself could be a good sign for the sequel, as many comedic followups tend to lose their key creatives and in turn lose their appeal.

If nothing else, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 should be able to provide a mindless distraction amid the blockbusters and romantic fare. Our hope is that the film is just as, if not funnier, than the first, but there’s no guarantee on that front.

Check out the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2.


Focus (Release Date: February 27th)

February 2015 Preview - Focus

Although a lot of DC fans will be checking out Focus to see Suicide Squad cast mates Will Smith and Margot Robbie act opposite each other, the film sounds appealing beyond that. Smith plays a con man who takes a young woman (Robbie) under his wing and eventually develops feelings for her. Yes, the film's basic premise isn’t exactly original, but with Will Smith as the lead, Focus is sure to draw plenty of attention.

And who knows, con man movies can sometimes surprise audiences, especially if the writing is sharp enough. Luckily, writer-directors Glenn Ficara and John Requa (Crazy Stupid Love) have shown they are capable of writing modern romances that don’t fall back on old tropes.

Check out the trailer for Focus.


The Lazarus Effect (Release Date: February 27th)

February 2015 Review - The Lazarus Effect

After a strong 2013, horror took a nosedive in 2014 with very few worthwhile offerings for fans. The Lazarus Effect hopes to kick 2015 off with a bang, or at least a few scares. Featuring Olivia Wilde and American Horror Story’s Evan Peters, the film explores the idea of resurrection but doesn’t go full zombie. That could be what helps it stand out, or it might be a reason the film never finds an audience.

Horror in February can sometimes make huge box office dollars, and other times it gets lost in the pack. The Lazarus Effect has some appealing qualities, but the genre is so hard to read based purely on marketing. We want some good scares, but it’s unclear if Lazarus Effect will deliver. Still, with a lack of options, horror fans are likely desperate.

Check out the trailer for The Lazarus Effect.


Although Fifty Shades of Grey looks poised to strike box office pay dirt, plenty of the other February releases could find success this month. Whether or not all of them will be enjoyable is another question. Kingsman seems like the safest bet based on early reviews, but Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son have their own genre-centric appeals. It’s also hard to pass up a laugh or a good scare.

Which films are you looking forward to seeing this month? Which do you think will be successful at the box office?

Once again, here are the 7 films we’re looking forward to:

  • February 6th: Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son
  • February 13th: Fifty Shades of Grey, Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • February 20th: Hot Tub Time Machine 2
  • February 27th: Focus, The Lazarus Effect
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