Fear The Wolves Unveils Creepy E3 Trailer

Vostok Games shows off a creepy first look at the upcoming Fear the Wolves, ahead of the game's E3 2018 showcase. As the world of battle royale gaming adds another unique title to the mix, Screen Rant has already covered the ambitious battle royale game in a list of "ones to watch." Fans can now whet their appetite with some actual footage of the upcoming title.

Forget the realistic feel of PUBG or the colorful tones of Fornite, Fear The Wolves combines the well-worn battle royale genre with pure horror gaming. Dropping players into the Russian wasteland following Chernobyl, the PvP and PvE deathmatch whittles the numbers down to just one, as gamers blow each other's heads off and deal with a whole host of environmental menaces.

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Released on Focus Home Interactive's YouTube channel, Fear The Wolves is teasing those who've already had their interest piqued in the battle royale game. 100 players are forced to parachute through the clouds of radioactive gas and swing axes at each other, while also taking on mutated animals and flesh-hungry ghouls. The name and trailer both hint that radioactive wolves akin to Resident Evil's murderous dogs will be a major stumbling block for those willing to play the game. Sadly, there isn't a dancing Thanos in sight, as Fear the Wolves seems catered for a more adult audience.

Fear The Wolves Vostok Games

Entering the action with just their wits and a pair of fists, players are forced to scavenge for everything and will only be able to access certain areas if the correct protective equipment can be found. As the trailer shows, when one player murders another for their gas mask, Fear the Wolves is pushing the battle royale experience a little further. Anyone unlucky enough to enter the hazard zones without the right protection will see reality distort, as their health and mind slowly succumb to the horrors of radiation poisoning. After wading through naturally-moving plumes of radiation and chopping down the other players, none of it will matter unless gamers can get to the helicopter extraction point that will fly only one survivor to safety.

All of this combined means that the already bloody battle royale formula has been given an even more murderous edge that looks like a gaming adaptation of 2012's Chernobyl Diaries. Although Fear The Wolves may not be one of the biggest headline-grabbing titles of the year, it is already creating a positive buzz in battle royale circles for E3. Considering that Vostok's developers are known for their work on STALKER, a Chernobyl backdrop is nothing new for the team. Working to the strengths of the developers, Fear the Wolves continues to look like it is one to watch in that already crowded battle royale circuit.

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Source: Focus Home Interactive

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