'Fear the Walking Dead' Casts Elizabeth Rodriguez As a Series Regular

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead - its aptly titled spin-off to The Walking Dead - might just end up being one of the more interesting TV shows set to premiere this year. Unlike most films and series in the zombie genre, Fear the Walking Dead is set to begin in the early days of the walker outbreak - something most movies skip over in a montage within the first ten minutes. With an incredible cast to boot and its network so confident as to already renew it for a second season - this series might be one to watch out for, by both Walking Dead fans and non-fans alike.

The first teaser for the series was unveiled during the season five finale of The Walking Dead, and it didn't show a lot as much as it just introduced the setting (Los Angeles) and the time period of the outbreak. While the teaser didn't features any glimpses at the cast the series has assembled so far, the series has just landed another new addition that should interest most TV fans.

EW is reporting that Orange is the New Black actress Elizabeth Rodriguez has officially been added to the show's cast as a series regular. The details of her role are being kept under wraps for the moment; but, given the timing and the confirmation that the pilot has already been filmed, it's safe to assume that Rodriguez' role will most likely be introduced after the first episode. TV fans will recognize Rodriguez most for her role as Aleida Diaz in Netflix's original series, as well as an arc she had on NBC's Grimm as Agent Chavez.

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While Fear the Walking Dead is set to begin in the earliest days of the outbreak, it has been said that the series will catch up to the events of the main show at some point - as their events unfold concurrently. With the walker outbreak growing throughout the time of the series, fans will have to wait and see which characters begin to believe the varied reports and rumors first.

As the mayhem and destruction grows and ravages the rest of the world, we can most likely assume that Rodriguez will probably play a character that meets up with Fear the Walking Dead's main character group - which thus far includes Cliff Curtis (Missing) and Kim Dickens (Gone Girl), among others. Rodriguez' human survivor could pop up along the way as an alley or an enemy of some kind - the possibilities are endless.

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Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis on 'Fear the Walking Dead'

The most interesting and unique thing Fear the Walking Dead has going for it is its setting. While Walking Dead began with a month-long time jump as Rick awoke from his coma into an already walker-overrun world, none of the viewers got to see what the world around them was like as it was collapsing. Most characters' histories in the series are told through dialogue, regarding the world and families they lost when civilization crippled.

This time, however, audiences will get to see it while it happens - again, making this one of the most interesting additions to the zombie genre to date.


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Fear the Walking Dead will debut on AMC in late Summer 2015.

Source: EW

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