'Fear The Walking Dead' Trailer Releases at Comic-Con

Today, AMC took over Hall H at San Diego Comic Con 2015 and shared the first trailer for The Walking Dead season 6. That trailer was the first footage we've seen from the next season of Walking Dead, but when it comes to its spinoff series - Fear the Walking Dead - AMC has already begun releasing a few sneak peeks.

These teasers have been roughly around 30 seconds in length, hinting more at the setting for the spinoff series than any concrete story details. But now we have the first full trailer for Fear the Walking Dead and it outlines more of what we can expect from the very early days of the zombie apocalypse. Check it out above.

The biggest hurdle for Fear the Walking Dead will be establishing itself as a series that's different enough from The Walking Dead that it's warranted, but also remain similar enough that the series' huge fanbase will tune in. It'll be a tricky line to toe, but with many of the same creatives from The Walking Dead involved with Fear, it should be able to achieve that balance.

The timeline of Fear the Walking Dead already puts the series in drastically different territory from what we've seen on The Walking Dead. This series is focused on the earliest days of the zombie outbreak. At this point most people aren't aware of anything strange or unusual happening, and those who are noticing some peculiar happenings are written off as crazy, drug-addled, or conspiracy theorists. This angle should give audiences a somewhat different experience while watching since, as viewers, we're more aware of the walkers (and what they're capable of) than any characters on the show.

Fear the Walking Dead

In addition to taking place during the outbreak's beginning, Fear the Walking Dead has moved focus from Georgia to Los Angeles and that shift in location will certainly factor in to how its characters struggle to survive. The Walking Dead lightly touched on how dangerous large cities became when they visited Atlanta in their first season, but by then zombies had already taken over. Fear will feature a Los Angeles that's slowly being overwhelmed by the spreading infection, but with how densely populated a city it is it won't take long before there are walkers around every corner.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at 9 p.m. on AMC. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news from SDCC throughout the week!

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