Fear The Walking Dead Explains The Settlers & Their Plan

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Fear The Walking Dead reveals more about the Settlers and their plan to rebuild the world in season 5's latest episode, "Today and Tomorrow", but it's clear that they have no connection to the helicopter (or CRM) group that took Rick Grimes. Last week's episode, "Leave What You Don't" culminated with a standoff between Logan and Morgan's group (but without Morgan there), and it ended with Logan's shocking death. But the episode also unveiled the real villains who've been behind everything from the start.

Known as the Settlers, The Walking Dead franchise's new group is seemingly led by a woman named Virginia (or Ginny), and although they use modern weapons, they've modeled themselves after cowboys from the Old West; they even ride horses to get around. In "Leave What You Don't", it was revealed that the Settlers found Logan and recruited him to their cause. They gave him a contract to find Polar Bear's oil fields so that they could start producing their own gasoline. But when he failed, they killed him and took Luciana hostage.

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In "Today and Tomorrow", Fear the Walking Dead shows a bit more of the Settlers and showcases what their plans are. When they killed Logan, Ginny suggested that he didn't fit into their vision of the future, and it seems that wasn't just a way of justifying his death; it's really what they believe. The Settlers' name is a literal definition of their plan: they plan to settle in the surrounding area and get rid of anyone who's essentially deemed inferior or unable to adapt to their way of life.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13

Ginny and the Settlers took over a local community and attempted to kill the person that ran it after it started to fail, because he ultimately failed at doing his job and they didn't want to associate themselves with failure like that. And considering the map that Althea found, Paradise Ridge isn't the only place they've taken control of. There are others in the general area - marked by keys, perhaps as a symbol of the Settlers having ownership over those communities - in which the Settlers are harvesting various food and supplies from.

What's interesting is that Ginny and the Settlers aren't actively trying to harm Morgan, Althea, and everyone else. And unlike the Saviors, they aren't taking anything from the convoy; instead, they are establishing themselves as friends and apparently overthrowing the leadership of failed communities. Perhaps the Settlers see it as a version of Darwinism but with a little help from their hands. With Fear the Walking Dead season 5 wrapping up soon, the Settlers' true intentions for the show's core group should be revealed - as is customary with TV shows. But one thing's for sure: while they have no connection to the helicopter group, they have the same mission.

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