What To Expect From Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Part 2

Danay Garcia as Luciana, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Maggie Grace as Althea, Ethan Suess as Max, Jenna Elfman as June, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie in Fear The Walking Dead

Here's when Fear The Walking Dead season 5 will return to TV and what viewers can expect when it does. Following on from the season 4 finale, Fear The Walking Dead season 5 kicked off with the show's survivors playing at being heroes, actively looking for other groups in need of assistance. Jarringly, season 5 began with the main cast crashing a plane into a previously-unexplored area swimming with nuclear radiation.

This hazardous setting led caused the protagonists to split into several groups. John Dorie and June happened across Dwight from The Walking Dead, Morgan met a new character named Grace, who is desperately trying to get the radiation under control, and Alicia has been vying to win the trust of some young kids living alone in the forest. Back at base camp, Strand set out on a quest to bring his endangered friends back home and was reunited with Daniel Salazar in the process. As of the July 21st episode, Fear The Walking Dead season 5 will be taking a short break, and a trailer for the second batch of episodes was shown at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Return Date

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Cast

Fortunately, Fear The Walking Dead fans won't have long to wait before season 5 resumes. After airing its midseason finale on July 21st, the midseason premiere of Fear The Walking Dead season 5, titled "Channel 4," will air August 11th on AMC. This means viewers will only have a two-week gap without an episode. This is considerably less than previous seasons, which have generally taken breaks of around two months. The second half of Fear The Walking Dead season 5 will consist of a further 8 episodes, culminating in a September 29th season finale called "End of the Line."

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Story Details

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Alicia Clark

The first half of Fear The Walking Dead season 5 ended in relatively uplifting fashion, with every member of the group making it home safely on the hastily rebuilt plane. The day ends with the show's survivors cracking open an ice cold (albeit naff tasting) home-brewed beer, reuniting with old friends and there's even a wedding on the horizon.

However, several story threads are left dangling ahead of season 5b. Firstly, it's unknown whether Alicia has been fatally exposed to the radiation zombies introduced in Fear The Walking Dead season 5. The character got splattered in the blood of a nuclear walker while defending the youngsters' camp from a horde and looked doomed, but Grace later claimed that Alicia may not necessarily die from the incident, leaving the door open for her fate to swing either way in season 5's remaining episodes.

Additionally, a new group of survivors have requested help from Morgan and the gang, but Logan - a background antagonist so far this season - has proposed joining forces in order to find a gasoline refinery set up by the same man that began stocking the truck stops. This seemingly gives a direction for Fear The Walking Dead season 5b; find the fuel, then rescue the woman on the radio.

Fear The Walking Dead's SDCC 2019 trailer further confirmed this to be the thrust of the forthcoming episodes. Formatted in the guise of Al's recordings, the trailer shows life among the survivors after everyone came together in the midseason finale and hints at the hunt for Logan's fuel supply, which may push some of the protagonists into more morally gray territory. The motivational message trees will seemingly play a big part in forthcoming episodes and the footage also teased the expected romance angle between Morgan and Grace.

As hinted at in Fear The Walking Dead's latest episode, Alicia will begin training Akido under Morgan's guidance but, more interestingly, season 5's second half will include a variety of different locations, including a church and Dawn of the Dead-style shopping mall.

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Fear The Walking Dead season 5 continues August 11th with "Channel 4" on AMC.


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