Fear The Walking Dead: 4 Questions After Season 5, Episode 7

Alycia Debnam Carey as Alicia in Fear The Walking Dead

The sole surviving member of the Clark family may be the next major character to fall on Fear the Walking Dead. In Fear The Walking Dead season 5, episode 7, "Still Standing", Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) was exposed to a potentially lethal amount of radiation, which leaves audiences with a few questions going forward.

In Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 7, "Still Standing", Morgan (Lennie James) rescues Strand (Colman Domingo) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) after their hot air balloon crashed in the previous episode. Morgan (Lennie James) finds Grace (Karen David) and convinces her to leave, and John (Garrett Dillahunt) comes clean about Sherry's letter to Dwight (Austin Amelio), who painfully accepts that Sherry no longer wishes to be found. Meanwhile, Alicia succeeds in saving the children, but ends up getting contaminated by one of the radioactive zombies.

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While what happened to Alicia remains a secret to the rest of the characters, everyone's most pressing concern is fleeing the area before the nuclear reactor melts down. Fear the Walking Dead has set the stage for an explosive midseason finale with high stakes for all characters involved. Here are the questions that now need to be answered, both in the midseason finale and beyond.

4. Will Alicia Die?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Alicia Clark

Alicia's fate became uncertain when the blood of a radioactive zombie splattered all over her face. This means that Alicia, the only remaining series regular from season 1, could soon die of radiation poisoning. Until this matter is discussed with Grace, it's hard to say if Alicia's days are numbered, or if she has any chance at all of surviving. It's possible that Grace will be able to shed more light on her situation.

3. Is Dwight's Search Really Over?

Just as Sherry asked him to do in her final letter, Dwight has decided to look for another to reason to live by helping John and the others. Though he hasn't completely given up hope that he and Sherry will see each other again one day, it does appear that his search has ended for the foreseeable future. However, it's possible that at some point down the line Dwight's search will be reignited if he ever uncovers an unexpected clue.

2. Is Grace Joining The Group?

Karen David as Grace in Fear The Walking Dead

By risking his own life, Morgan was able to convince Grace to stop risking hers. Thanks to Morgan, Grace is prepared to leave with the rest of the group on the plane. What will happen after that remains to be seen, though it looks like Grace may choose to remain with them. Based on the chemistry between the two characters, some are speculating that Grace could become Morgan's first love interest in The Walking Dead TV universe.

1. Will Everyone Make It To The Plane In Time?

The sound of the alarm near the end of the episode makes it abundantly clear that time is short for everyone in the vicinity. Getting the plane in the air has never been more important. At this point, perhaps their biggest obstacle is making sure everyone in the group is able to reach the plane. John and Dwight are still a good distance from the plane and Alicia is off on her own, so time is not on their side.

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