Fear The Walking Dead: 4 Questions After The Season 5 Finale

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Questions

The Fear the Walking Dead season 5 finale ended in what may have been the show's biggest cliffhanger yet: Morgan (Lennie James) is in dire straits, and the rest of the group is scattered. As of now, it would seem that Virginia (Colbie Minifie) has won.

In last week's episode, Morgan's group headed to another Humbug's Gulch location, believing that they could use it as their new base. Unfortunately, the area was flooded with zombies, and due to low supplies, they had to contact Virginia for help. In the season finale, their plans change when Dwight (Austin Amelio) finds horses. With them, they're able to lead the zombies out of Humbug's Gulch so that they can lay a trap for Virginia and her people. When their plan falls apart, they're forced to accept the reality of the situation. To enjoy what's left of their time together, the group holds a wedding for John (Garrett Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman).

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When Virginia arrives, Morgan makes one last attempt to convince Virginia to take everyone. Virginia agrees, and proceeds to split up the group. Afterward, she tells Morgan that he can't go with them. Virginia badly wounds Morgan and leaves him to die. As zombie approach, Morgan uses his walkie to tell give the group one final message: "just live". The episode ends before Morgan's fate can be revealed. Here are the questions after Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 16, "End of the Line."

Is Morgan About To Die?

Morgan has been shot, and zombies are headed in his direction. All the vehicles have been taken, which means that Morgan is stranded in Humbug's Gulch. Everyone in his group is gone, so no one can help him. Morgan's situation is grim to be sure, but all hope has not been lost. Other characters have gotten out of worse jams in the past. Though the Fear The Walking Dead finale offered a fitting end for Morgan, it may still have more stories to tell for his character.

Did Dwight Actually Talk To Sherry?

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Earlier in the season, Dwight gave in to his wife's wishes to stop looking for her and start living his life. At the time, it seemed that Fear the Walking Dead was moving Dwight in a new direction. The plotline involving Sherry was recently revived when Virginia mentioned that she had found some trace of Sherry's whereabouts. In the finale, Dwight hears her talking on the walkie, but later wonders if he imagined it. If it really was her, Dwight may have been closer to finding her than anyone realized.

What Will Virginia Do About The Helicopter?

Every time Fear the Walking Dead makes it look like the show is done with the helicopter storyline, the series brings it back into relevance. Most recently, it was confirmed through a conversation with Al (Maggie Grace) and Virginia that the Pioneers and the CRM organization are not the same people. The finale reveals that Fear the Walking Dead hasn't put this story to bed quite yet when Virginia tells Al that she's going to tell her everything she knows about that helicopter Al mentioned earlier. It remains to be seen what Virginia will do when she realizes that there's another organization out there with motives similar to their own.

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How Will Morgan's Group Reunite?

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The group has been deeply fractured by Virginia. Virginia has split them apart by sending them to different settlements. Since it's been said that Virginia has bases set up in various locations, there's no telling how far she's taking them, or how far they'll be apart. They could even wind up in different states, which will make it all the more difficult for them to reunite. Getting the group back together will most likely be their biggest challenge in Fear the Walking Dead season 6.

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