Fear The Walking Dead: 4 Questions After Season 5, Episode 15

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15

One of Fear the Walking Dead's newest characters, Tom (Joe Massingill), dies in season 5's second documentary-style episode. When the convoy sets off to find a new home, Virginia (Colby Minifie) makes another attempt to get them on her side. Al (Maggie Grace) and Tom film their journey to show people the truth about the Pioneers.

In last week's Fear The Walking Dead episode, Grace (Karen David) became ill, prompting speculation that she was finally feeling the effects of the radiation she was exposed to at the nuclear power plant. Now, Morgan (Lennie James) and the others are determined to get her the help she needs. While on their way to a Humbug's Gulch location, a place that John (Garret Dillahunt) believes can be a safe place, they decide to take a detour to get supplies so that Grace can be saved. They encounter Virginia, who offers to help them, but Morgan's group is unwilling to owe any debt to someone like the Pioneers.

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Their plan to get to Humbug's Gulch hits a snag when Virginia intentionally draws a horde to their position. Afterward, an incident involving a collapsing bridge leads to Tom's death. The group seeks to finish what they all started together by continuing on to Humbug's Gulch. Unfortunately, the area has been overrun with zombies, and they don't have enough supplies to go anywhere else. The only other option is to call Virginia and hope for the best. Here are the questions from Fear the Walking Dead, season 5, episode 15, "Channel 5".

How Did Virginia Know About Sherry?

When they first met near Polar Bear's oilfields, Virginia mentioned that she could help Dwight (Austin Amelio) find his wife. Apparently, she followed up on this promise and managed to get at least some details on her location. She says that one of her engineers met Sherry recently. What Virginia doesn't explain is how she was able to learn anything about Sherry without knowing her name.

What Does Virginia Want?

In this week's Fear The Walking Dead, the people at the convoy reluctantly agree that since they have no supplies and nowhere to go, their only chance is to contact Virginia, just as she had suggested. But everyone in the convoy knows that the price Virginia will ask for her help will be steep, especially since Virginia never clarified about what she'll want in return.

What Will Dwight Do?

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Because of Dwight's experience with the Saviors, he understands what will happen if they accept "help" from the Pioneers. When the group debates about what to do about Virginia's offer, Dwight is the only character who refuses to go along with it. Dwight leaves, and no one puts forth much effort to stop him. Will Dwight have a change of heart and return to the convoy, or will a conflict with Virginia bring him back to the fold?

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Will Virginia Try To Take Humbug's Gulch For Herself?

John made Humbug's Gulch sound like the perfect base for the convoy. In fact, it may be too good. When Virginia arrives, she may double-cross Morgan and seek to use her men to take Humbug's Gulch for herself. If the Wild West amusement park falls under the control of their enemy, their entire mission will be for nothing.

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