Fear The Walking Dead: 4 Questions After Season 5, Episode 14

Fear The Walking Dead Today and Tomorrow

Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead brings Morgan (Lennie James) and Al (Maggie Grace) face-to-face with the main villain of FTWD season 5 for the first time. In last week's Fear The Walking Dead episode, Logan (Matt Frewer) and his crew acquired Polar Bear's oilfields, just in time for the arrival of Ginny (Colby Minifie), who has emerged as the "big bad" of the season. Ginny and her group, the Settlers, now have the oilfields for themselves, and have positioned themselves as the primary threat to Morgan and his people.

Morgan and Al, who still don't know about what happened with the oilfields, run into Tom (Joe Massingill), a man on the run from the Settlers after they took over his base, an apartment complex called Paradise Ridge. Morgan and Al agree to sneak inside to help Tom find his sister, Janice. Instead, they are caught by Ginny, who explains the Settlers' plans and admits to killing Logan. Ginny tries to get Morgan and Al on her side, but to no avail. Ginny remains friendly with the two, and even has Morgan's stick repaired for him.

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Morgan and Al's mission ends with them learning two things: Janice is no longer there and the Settlers have no connection with the people from the helicopter. After leaving, Morgan is contacted by Salazar (Ruben Blades), who tells him that Grace (Karen David) suddenly got sick. Morgan says that he's on his way to see her, but Grace's fate remains up in the air. Here are the questions from Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 14, "Today and Tomorrow".

4. Is Grace Dying?

Up until the very end of this week's Fear The Walking Dead, Grace showed no signs of illness. She spent her time listening to an audiobook, gathering supplies, and singing a Traveling Wilburys song with Salazar. While Grace did get sick once before, this could be the first true symptom of Grace's radiation sickness, and an indication that Grace doesn't have much time left. Grace was worried that this was the case, but if Grace is already in such bad shape, that she may have less time than Morgan and the others originally believed.

3. Is Tom Joining The Group?

Morgan's group grew tremendously in size following the time jump between the Fear The Walking Dead midseason finale and the midseason premiere, and now another survivor may be joining the fold: Tom. Tom didn't find what he was looking for, so what will he do now? Without a home, Tom's best bet may be to stay at the convoy, at least until he can locate his sister.

2. Is Janice The Same Person That Wes Saved?

In the previous Fear The Walking Dead episode, Logan nearly convinced a young woman to commit suicide, but she was rescued at the last minute by Wes (Colby Hollman). She said that she was a member of a group that she needed to get away from, and that was why she was on her own. Though it wasn't confirmed, it appeared that she was referring to the Settlers. If this is the case, it seems likely that she is Janice, which would mean that Tom won't have to wait long to reunite with his sister.

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1. What Will Ginny Do Next?

As Ginny points out in the episode, they haven't harmed any member of Morgan's group, which means that their relationship hasn't turned hostile -- yet. Unlike the Saviors from The Walking Dead, Ginny and the Settlers aren't making enemies. They took the convoy, but haven't tried to attack the convoy, which would certainly have supplies they would want. For the time being, they seem to have what they need, so their next move is currently a mystery as Fear The Walking Dead nears its season 5 endgame.

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