Fear The Walking Dead: 4 Huge Questions After The Season 5 Premiere

The Fear the Walking Dead season 5 premiere, "Here to Help", introduced the core group, which now revolves around Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Morgan (Lennie James), to a brand-new threat, one that ties directly into their newfound mission of helping as many people as possible. To kick things off with a bang, Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 1 begins with two kids doing target practice when a plane crash-lands in the middle of what appears to be a radioactive zone.

Of course, working together, they all manage to escape in a van with three children - all of whom are siblings - and make it to the remote truck stop where they were supposed to meet up with a new character named Logan (Matt Frewer). But as it turns out, the call for help was a ruse all along, and instead, Logan and his people took over the denim factory where Alicia and Morgan's group were based out of when most of the group had left.

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Strand and a handful of the others came into contact with Logan and his group, but they are still apart from Alicia and the rest of them. And so, it seems that the next few episodes will be about all of them coming together and then potentially taking back the factory from Logan. But how they get there, as well as who they meet along the way, will play a part in season 5's story. After all, quite a few questions arose out of the season 5 premiere.

Where Are They Now?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

With plenty of trucks to use and open roads in the area, why would they need to fly a plane to get to where they were going? The logical answer is that their destination was quite far, but in that case, just where are they now? Traveling a great distance just might put them in contact with people from the core Walking Dead series, like Austin Amelio's Dwight.

Who Set Up The Walker Barrier?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Barrier

When they all leave the area, the three children indicate that it can't be done. Apparently, someone, or some group of people, set up a walker barrier around the entire place and no one knows who or why. Of course, considering that Alicia, Morgan, Luciana, and the rest of them have seen over the years, they weren't going to let this makeshift wall stand in their way. But that decision may just come back to bite them later.

Who Took Al?

Fear the Walking Dead Al

One of the biggest mysteries to come out of the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 premiere is who the walker was in the armored suit. That walker had a map with the three rings symbol, which alludes to the people who took Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead season 9. Then, at the end of the episode, Al is knocked unconscious and is taken away by someone else from that same group. So who took her? Perhaps this mystery will ultimately set up the Walking Dead movies.

How Is Daniel Salazar Alive (& Where Has He Been)?

Ruben Glades as Daniel Salazar in Fear the Walking Dead

At the beginning of the episode, Al radios Strand and tells him to watch a video labeled "Skidmark", which is an interview with someone who has a small plan that Strand can use to rescue them. It turns out, that person is none other than Daniel Salazar, who was last seen in the Fear the Walking Dead season 3 finale when the dam was destroyed. This isn't the first time he's survived a perilous situation, but how did he do it this time? And where has he been for all these years?

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