Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer & Key Art: The Arrival of Morgan

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premieres in less than a month, and AMC has released a full trailer and key art for the new batch of episodes. Back when Fear the Walking Dead premiered in summer 2015, many fans were skeptical about its prospects. After all, with The Walking Dead still going strong, did the world really need a second zombie apocalypse show on AMC? The answer has turned out to be yes, with some at this point now believing Fear to have surpassed its progenitor in quality.

All in all though, Fear the Walking Dead season 4 is set to begin during a period of turmoil for the overall franchise. Season 8 of the main Walking Dead series has seen ratings continue to plummet, and many fans opt to tune out due to being sick of the seemingly endless conflict between Rick's makeshift army and Negan's brutal Saviors. Can Fear season 4 reverse that trend of decline? The answer to that question remains to be seen.

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To continue the hype train's journey toward Fear the Walking Dead season 4, AMC has released a brand new full-length trailer for the season, as well as eye-catching new key art featuring the ever-expanding - and contracting, at the hands of walkers - cast. The trailer can be seen above, while the key art is featured below.

As reinforced by both the trailer and art, the biggest new addition to Fear the Walking Dead for season 4 is the introduction of fan favorite Walking Dead character Morgan Jones (Lennie James). Morgan of course made an immediate impact on TWD by starring alongside Rick in the pilot episode, only to disappear for several seasons. Morgan eventually reemerged a changed man, in ways both good and bad. As the first character to crossover between the two Robert Kirkman-created shows, Morgan has a lot of expectations riding on his back going forward.

Another big change is that season 4 will be the first season without the presence of former co-lead character Travis (Cliff Curtis), fiance to remaining lead Madison (Kim Dickens). Travis died early during season 3, and many fans still haven't quite gotten over the sadness of his sacrifice. Also joining the regular cast are Garret Dillahunt (The Gifted) and Maggie Grace (Lost). Dillahunt plays the cowboy-esque gunslinger John Dorie, while Grace plays seasoned survivor Althea. Little is currently known about their respective backstories. It's truly a time of change for Fear the Walking Dead, as characters both new and old do their best to continue living.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premieres Sunday, April 15 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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