Morgan Arrives In Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Teaser


As AMC fires up its marketing campaign for Fear The Walking Dead season 4, a series of new promos have released that focus on series newcomers Lennie James and Maggie Grace, who are both joining the show in the latest season.

Audiences have known for quite some time now that James' Morgan Jones will be picking up his stick and moving from The Walking Dead over to its sister show, Fear The Walking Dead. The announcement came at the tail-end of The Walking Dead's first half of season 8, which came months after AMC starting hyping up a major crossover between the two shows, though it's still unclear just how that will happen considering both shows exist at different points in time. So far, audiences have seen various teases of Morgan in action via behind-the-scenes pictures, but now, they can see him in action in an actual teaser. Also along for the ride is LOST's Maggie Grace, who will be playing Althea in the new season.

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IGN debuted the first teasers for Fear The Walking Dead season 4 yesterday, providing audiences with their first real look at the new season. You can CLICK HERE to watch the teasers.

Morgan's arrival promises to bring some well-known talent to Fear, but it's still unclear how he makes the leap from Alexandria to the Texas-based adventures of Fear's fourth season. The promos also tease that the long-standing TWD favorite could be losing his mind (again), like audiences first saw back in season 3 of AMC's flagship show. As viewers may recall, Morgan started succumbing into darkness after the death of his son, Duane, while his Fear clip says that he "loses people" before he loses himself.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like Morgan will be on his own for long. The second promo introduces Grace's Althea, who will join forces with Morgan as they drive through the American heartland in an armored truck. Grace's character certainly looks ready to take on hordes of the undead, which should make her the perfect match for a hardened survivor like Morgan. While it's still unknown exactly who all survive the explosion at the Gonzalez Dam, at least audiences know that Kim Dicken's Madison Clark will be back to lead the series, as the Madison-centric promo shows her facing off a foe, defiantly declaring "we're not going anywhere."

New showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg have a monumental task ahead of them by helming the very first Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead crossover, but it looks like they know what they're doing. With promises of a major time jump to connect Fear and The Walking Dead to allow for Morgan's arrival, it could be just the start of a much larger world for the shows. After all, the promos warns audiences that there's a "new world to fear," so let's just hope that both Morgan and Althea can deliver the goods. And who knows, perhaps if audiences become fully invested in Morgan and Alethea's story in Fear The Walking Dead, it's always possible that AMC could give them their own spinoff show.

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Fear The Walking Dead season 4 premieres on Sunday, April 15 on AMC.

Source: IGN

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