Fear the Walking Dead: Check Out the First 3 Minutes of Season 4's Premiere

AMC has released the first three minutes from the Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premiere online. The newest batch of episodes, which kicks off on Sunday night, promises to inject some freshness into The Walking Dead companion series, jumping ahead two years in the timeline and introducing its first crossover character with Lennie James' Morgan Jones. But the modifications don't end there, as the cast is also introducing some new faces who are poised to play major roles in the new season.

Chief among the the news cast is The Gifted's Garret Dillahunt, who plays a mysterious drifter known only as John. The qualities and motivations of his character are largely unknown at this point, but he figures to be a big part of the proceedings moving forward, along with fellow cast additions Jenna Elfman, Kevin Zegers, and Maggie Grace. Thanks to AMC, fans can now get their first extended glimpse of Dillahunt as John right before season 4 premieres.

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Check out the full three-minute clip above. In the video, John is resting by a truck near a dim campfire in the middle of the night. He hears a rustling noise in the woods nearby, and - naturally - initially fears walkers. So, he starts talking to see if he gets a response, and only gets silence. He mentions that it's the first time he's spoken in over a year, implying an extreme isolation and loneliness, something that isn't shown quite often in either show anymore.

John slowly walks all the way to the woods as he continues talking, and eventually tells an anecdote of a woman he met, presumably within the past year. He says that he and the mystery woman "had feelings for each other" at one point. The clip ends without anyone else showing up or the silence being disrupted.

It's unclear where the scene goes from there, but based on shots of John with a gun in his hand, things could escalate. The clip certainly points to a tense, eerily quiet start to season 4. It reveals John as a loner who may desire human connections, based on the relationship he mentioned and seems to long for getting back. It's already known that John is going to be involved with Grace's character Althea in some way, but the identity of the woman John had a relationship with remains unknown. Moreover, it's clear that season 4 is placing a lot of emphasis on Dillahunt's character. And based on what's been revealed thus far, the opening scene only adds to the mystery.

Speculation about John's old flame will presumably continue throughout the season, if it's not elaborated on earlier, which could very well turn out to be another character in the series or someone related to a major character. Perhaps the returning Luciana knows him in some way. After all, characters tend to have strange ways of connecting to each other. What's even more interesting is John also utters three "P" words in a row to test his own speech - a not-so-subtle reference to the enduring "PPP" mystery of The Walking Dead. With all that in mind, it seems the new season of Fear the Walking Dead has plenty of mysteries still up its sleeve.

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Fear The Walking Dead season 4 premieres with "What's Your Story?" on Sunday, April 15, on AMC.

Source: AMC

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