Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer: The World's Gone Mad

Fear the Walking Dead returns this summer to fill a Walking Dead-sized hole in the AMC schedule. As we learned in a recent plot synopsis, FTWD Season 3 will take place in the U.S.-Mexico border region, though the whole idea of international borders has sort of become meaningless given the zombie carnage. Considering the current state of real world U.S. politics, there's sure to be a strong underlying meaning to this narrative.

The synopsis gave only limited clues about how FTWD Season 3 will play out, and a new promo from AMC doesn't do a whole lot to fill in the blanks. It does, however, give some hints about how the characters will be evolving in the new season.

The clip begins with Nick and a companion (probably Luciana) exiting a tunnel and finding themselves face-to-face with a dauntingly large mob of zombies. We then see Madison (Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) being marched by soldiers across a corpse-strewn field toward a large wall. The military is clearly trying to keep order here, but apparently isn't doing a very good job.

Nick and Luciana from Fear the Walking Dead

The remainder of the tease is mostly rapid-fire action shots, and some of that action looks pretty intense. Madison in particular goes nuts, stabbing a guy in the eye, hitting a walker in the face with a blunt object and choking a soldier. Travis gets his licks in as well, and there's also a shot of Strand being dangled by men in uniform off a high catwalk on what looks like the side of a dam. The synopsis refers to Strand trying to harness the world's currency - in other words, water - but it looks like someone beat him to the idea. In another shot, a man gets thrown off the same catwalk, so the guys in the uniforms clearly mean business.

As far as the show's thematic direction, it seems pretty apparent from the titles featured early in the promo - "Face What You Fear" and "Fear What You Become" - that we'll be going down a road similar to the one traveled by The Walking Dead as its lead characters evolve from terrified survivors into cold-blooded killers. No doubt some of the characters will take to their new reality better than others; by the looks of it, Madison is set to become the Rick Grimes of Fear.

Season 3 will be the final year for showrunner David Erickson who is moving on pursue other projects with AMC, so whatever ideas the creator has about these characters, he only has one more season to unload all of them. Though Erickson is moving on, Fear the Walking Dead reportedly will continue into Season 4 under new management.

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