Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Continues in September

[SPOILERS for those who aren't caught up on Fear the Walking Dead ahead.]


Last night's midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead saw many storylines come to a head, and those arcs will continue when the series returns for its back-half of season three this September. Unlike previous seasons, season three has been moving at a relatively breakneck pace, with Madison Clark's family going from being captured by what appeared to be a paramilitary group, to becoming one the leading members of the Broke Jaw Ranch.

Although many people have died this season so far, most of the main cast members are still alive. In fact, this season brought back Rubén Blades' Daniel Salazar, who was previously assumed to have been killed in last season's midseason finale. Despite bringing someone back, that doesn't erase the fact that Cliff Curtis' Travis Manawa was suddenly killed during the Fear season 3 premiere earlier this summer - though his departure from the series may have something to do with him landing a leading role in James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequels.

Fear the Walking Dead's midseason finale episode, "Children of Wrath", saw the Broke Jaw Ranch come close to waging war with the local Native American tribe over the land that Jeremiah Otto had supposedly stolen from the tribesmen -- which is something that plays out throughout the two-hour finale. Needless to say, things are going to be different when the series returns later this summer, with the Clark family having to deal with the fallout from last night's episode. During Talking Dead, AMC announced that Fear the Walking Dead will return for season three's second half on Sunday, September 10, at 9 pm.

Kim Dickens and Daniel Sharman in Fear the Walking Dead

Since the back-half of Fear the Walking Dead's third season will consist of eight episodes, the network is bundling up two back-to-back episodes for the midseason premiere. After all, The Walking Dead is expected to return the week after Fear the Walking Dead ends (as was the case with the first season but not the second), and if AMC wants to keep their flagship zombie drama in October, then they certainly need at least one weekend with two episodes.

In that case, Fear the Walking Dead's third season will presumably conclude (though it hasn't been confirmed) on Sunday, October 22, with The Walking Dead likely returning the following weekend, on Sunday, October 29 -- just in time for Halloween. Although past seasons have typically premiered early to mid-October, it's not unheard of for The Walking Dead to return on the last weekend of the month. At this point, though, audiences should look forward to getting new details (and possibly new trailers) for both Walking Dead shows during San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 3 continues on September 10th.

Source: AMC

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