How Fear the Walking Dead's Kim Dickens Dealt With The Season's Big Death

Kim Dickens in Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2

WARNING: Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead follow


Fear the Walking Dead star Kim Dickens has revealed her feelings on the major death that took place in the third season's premiere episode. If there's one thing that fans have come to expect from the show it's death, and lots of it as every single character is expendable. It's a lesson they learned from the series' sibling drama The Walking Dead, and it's really only the one constant of other show. In just three seasons, Fear has gone from just being a companion series to having its own engaging storyline.

Fans have fallen in love with the Clark and Manawa families, so it's been quite heartbreaking to see any of them leave the show. Travis Manawa's son Chris was murdered in season 2, and before that his ex-wife was killed to prevent her from becoming a zombie. The character had already lost everyone from his previous life, before he met his end in Sunday's season 3 double-episode premiere.

What makes Travis' death even more tragic is that he now leaves behind girlfriend Madison Clark and her two kids, Nick and Alicia. One half of the core foundation of the series from the first episode is now completely gone, so many are wondering how the series will go on from here. For her part, star Kim Dickens (who plays Madison) tells CinemaBlend she was shocked by the sudden death but understands that it was needed to tell the story:

You know, honestly, we all adore each other and love being together. We love our stories together as a family and an extended family that we created, so we always miss it when we're separated, when any of the characters get separated out. So obviously the turn that happens is dealt as a blow that we have to deal with. But we're actors. We manage. It's the nature of our job, it's hard. We're a family. It's tough, it hurts.

Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis in Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6

Just because Dickens understands the need for this storyline in a genre series like Fear the Walking Dead, however, doesn't mean that saying goodbye to Cliff Curtis wasn't hard. Dickens says the actor didn't want anyone else on set for his big death scene:

I wasn't on set for that scene because, you know, Cliff didn't want a lot of -- it's emotional to leave and everything -- so we all sort of said our goodbyes and had dinner and stuff together. We all had our process beforehand, and I've seen Cliff since, in L.A. We've spent time together since, so you know, we get all emotional about everything.

While the relationship between Dickens and Curtis seems copacetic, the character's death onscreen is sure to illicit quite a few changes. There's no way that Madison won't be changed by the event, as her kids are now all that she has left. Plus, she's now their main caretaker with no support system, so expect a much more merciless and brutal Madison as season 3 continues.

Fear the Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘TEOTWAWKI’ @9pm on AMC.

Source: CinemaBlend

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