Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Teases 'Greatest Danger' To Come

Michael Greyeyes as Qaletaqa Walker in Fear the Walking Dead

Bad things are coming for the characters in Fear the Walking Dead, as the show prepares to introduce a new "Big Bad," someone more dangerous and more evil than anyone they've ever faced.

During the first half of season 3 of The Walking Dead spin-off, the characters were split up by the events of the previous season, and after the tragic and unexpected death of Travis (Cliff Curtis), the core group found a place a to make a new home on the ranch of Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie). Though Jeremiah developed a bond with Nick (Frank Dillane) and Madison (Kim Dickens), his feud with a tribe of Native Americans led by Walker (Michael Greyeyes) made the character more of an obstacle than an ally. A temporary solution for the problem with Walker was found when Nick killed Jeremiah.

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In an interview with Syfy Wire, executive producer Dave Erickson talked about what challenges the characters will face in the back half of season 3. Erickson discussed the continued struggle with Walker who will end up taking over the ranch. As if that isn't enough, Erickson revealed that though the group will be preoccupied with Walker for the first few episodes, we will eventually meet an even greater threat.

Alycia Debnam-Carey Frank Dillane and Kim Dickens in Fear the Walking Dead

There will be nobody in the immediate first few episodes, but we will meet a character down the road who represents a greater danger and evil than anybody we've met to this point. And it's someone who I think Jeremiah Otto will pale in comparison to him. So there's the potential of a Big Bad that will come to the fore later on. As the family comes together, and it will be somewhat traumatic and somewhat violent if they do come together, they need to be in opposition to something. So one of the things we'll thread into the story as we get towards the end is who that force is, who that person is.

Erickson also says that the second half of season 3 revolves a great deal around "reuniting characters," which explains why the show may need such a formidable enemy to make that happen. It could be that the revelation of a new enemy can be traced back to Erickson's earlier comment that "all bets are off" for the rest of the season.

Since Fear the Walking Dead hasn't really had a "Big Bad" yet, this news will surely ignite discussions about what impact the character will have on the show, and if he can compare with The Walking Dead's ongoing nemesis, Negan.

Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead resumes September 10 on AMC.

Source: Syfy Wire

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