Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser: No Safe Harbor

Cliff Curtis and Ruben Blades in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2

While Fear The Walking Dead doesn't have the same drama and zombie action as the main Walking Dead TV show, it marches on with an impressive main cast that includes Kim Dickens as Madison and Cliff Curtis as Travis. There are a few bits and pieces that have the potential for high drama, like Madison dealing with her heroin-addicted son Nick (Frank Dillane), but the spin-off series still needs to find its footing after a shaky and brief season one.

Fear The Walking Dead comes back in April and finds our group of mixed family survivalists about to board a high-class yacht, which is owned by the mysterious Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), a wealthy man whom Nick helps escape from a military internment camp. The family doesn't have anywhere else to turn, as southern California is on the brink of collapse and in danger of being overrun with man-eating zombies. But now they're on a luxury boat, will everyone be safe from the undead? Probably not...

AMC has released a very brief teaser trailer (via EW) that gives fans of Fear The Walking Dead an idea of what's to come in season 2. The teaser features quick cuts of the TV show's characters on a yacht, as they come in contact with a raft of people looking for help and salvation. It's more than likely that there's at least one infected person on that raft, and the characters on Fear The Walking Dead don't have the same instincts and cunning to survive as the characters on the main show.

Cliff Curtis and Ruben Blades in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2

Showrunner Dave Erickson told EW that the biggest difference between the two zombie apocalypse TV shows is seeing how people survive and continue to live during different time periods of the zombie outbreak. The characters on Fear The Walking Dead are still hopeful that they can go back to a normal life, but the characters on The Walking Dead have accepted the reality and just hope to live for another day. Erickson explained:

“You’re going to see a bunch of seabound refugees over the course of season 2. And much in the same way that we have taken steps to survive and compromised our morals to do so, we’re going to have to deal with some people who have very similar objectives, and the default setting for most of these people is not going to be, let’s all live in harmony and try to build a new community. It’s going to be, how do we protect what’s ours? How do we protect our family? So there’s going to be a very serious threat from other people, as there is constantly on The Walking Dead.”

While there were some good moments in season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead, it seemed like the showrunner and writers needed to juice up the show with more zombies to make things more interesting and exciting. Season 2 will surely deliver the promise of the zombie apocalypse, but it feels like I'm actively rooting for the zombies to kill off the survivors on Fear The Walking Dead because I know where it's going to lead, whereas I'm rooting for the group to survive the apocalypse on The Walking Dead because they're smarter and they continued to live for this long.

The two-part season two premiere of Fear the Walking Dead airs April 10 on AMC.

Source: EW

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