Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Promo: Coastal Conflicts

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 preview

We are currently chomping our way through the sixth season of The Walking Dead but it won’t be long until the zombies are picking at our brains again. Following the series finale on April 3, AMC will invite us to jump back in with the second season of its prequel series Fear the Walking Dead, debuting on April 10. Ahead of its return, we have been hit with a tidal wave of promo material including a brief teaser trailer, full-length trailer and an official poster, which have all been supplemented by the hopeless header: “No Safe Harbour.”

In case you missed it, the common theme being projected throughout the teasers (aside from zombies) is the nautical setting, which appears to be an unequivocal response to previous criticisms that the series had recycled elements from its predecessor. Set in Mexico, the change of surroundings also indicate that the groups of survivalists will be taking to the high seas for the upcoming season. This narrative perfectly aligns itself with the end of season one, whereby the cast of characters fled Los Angeles for open water – but who will survive on board Victor Strand’s boat, Abigail?

AMC’s new 30-second spot (via EW) features the main cast of characters travelling by land and sea, both of which provide a variety of dangers. Amid the flesh-eating threats, the core group of characters enter into a debate about how the zombie apocalypse began, with some believing that the virus outbreak could be a manmade phenomenon, and others citing it as a natural outcome of the unsustainable world.

Furthermore, the promo video shares a few ominous lines of dialogue splattered in amongst the action, though Victor Strand’s (Colman Domingo) discourse is perhaps the most haunting: “You know what the real danger is on the ocean?” he asks, “It’s people.” This suggests that conflicts are surfacing amongst the survivors on board the luxury yacht, with Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) adding credence to that notion, as she is seen arguing that a single crewmember cannot be responsible for deciding who lives and who dies. Just as we had hoped, this might also mean that one of the members from the large principle cast is about to get zombiefied.

Whilst it could be difficult for audiences to digest the likes of Alicia Clark (Alycia-Debnam-Carey) or Chris Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie) becoming infected with the virus, the footage appears to hint that Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) might become the series' first major casualty. In one of the clips it looks as though he is floating in the water (perhaps he's trying out for the zombies swimming team), while in another he is clearly drenched in blood.

On the other hand, it is also quite likely that Nick has discovered the valuable "Walkers camouflage" trick - a method by which individuals mask their body odour through the application of blood to prevent zombies from identifying them as living beings. Whatever the case may be in this particular instance, we would still be inclined to believe that the characters (human) days are numbered, especially since the second season of Fear the Walking Dead will be featuring a midseason finale cliffhanger, after splitting its 15 episode run into two parts.

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 premieres April 10 on AMC.

Source: EW

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