'Fear the Walking Dead' Promos Reveal First Walkers

Walking Dead Fear the Walking Dead Timeline Connections Crossover

Even with San Diego Comic-Con preview night in full swing, AMC has yet to reveal any new footage from its upcoming Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, beyond the occasional 30-second clip. Unfortunately the trend has only taken a downturn with the two latest spots.

In the new ads (above and below), we get a glimpse at the world’s first walkers, but perhaps not in actual context of the show itself.

With the other spots, it was very obvious they were clips being pulled directly from the premiere episode of the new series. However, these two new clips don’t have that vibe. Given the shot choices and coloring, it seems pretty clear these ads were shot specifically for use in promotion leading up to the premiere (which is still simply known to be happening at “some point” next month).

Walking Dead Fear the Walking Dead Timeline Connections Crossover

That said, while not part of the show, the spots do make clear just what Fear the Walking Dead is selling. This is going to be the world right before the zombie outbreak first occurs. As in, right before.

We’re going to watch the world crumble into the one we already know to exist in The Walking Dead, and the big question the creators and the audience need to face is, how does one make that interesting? If we know where things are going to end up, what kind of stakes can there be? We know everyone loses. We know the zombies take over. So, what new is there to learn? Well, actually, a lot.

The world did go to hell, but we’ve only seen that from the perspective of rural America. When Rick wakes up in Atlanta, the city’s already overrun. However, surely there were some survivors in the metropolitan area we simply didn’t see.

So, how are those people surviving? Are the politics and rules of how to make it in the zombie apocalypse different for a major city – like Los Angeles – than in the back-woods and suburbs? These are the best questions Fear the Walking Dead can start to answer by the time it begins airing in August.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres August 2015 on AMC.

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