Fear The Walking Dead Parodies Captain Marvel Poster With Villain Art

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead offers a humorous take on a new poster for Captain Marvel with art that centers on the main villain of season 4, Martha aka Filthy Woman, played by Tonya Pinkins.

Hype for Marvel's next blockbuster film is all over the internet this week, following the release of the highly-anticipated Captain Marvel trailer on Tuesday. The trailer was viewed 109 million times in the span of 24 hours, which shows just how excited fans are for the upcoming movie, which will be Marvel's first female-led film.

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The official poster for Captain Marvel shows Brie Larson's Carol Danvers in an air hanger with the caption, "Higher, Faster, Further." Fear the Walking Dead's Twitter account has released a parody poster that replaces Carol Danvers with Martha and adds the caption, "Filthier, Farther, Meaner" and a logo for "Filthy Woman".

After her character was introduced, cast and crew began referring to her as "Filthy Woman", since she wasn't given a name until Sunday's episode, which dove deep into her backstory and motivations. The episode revealed that Martha became bitter after no one tried to help her injured husband. The tragedy caused Martha to develop hatred for those who help others. Martha began to target Polar Bear (Stephen Henderson) and the people who were delivering goods on the side of the road to assist survivors. Martha now uses zombies to cold-bloodedly murder unsuspecting survivors.

This explains why Morgan (Lennie James) and his group have come into Martha's crosshairs. Martha says Morgan's attempts to help others make him weak, and seems determined to force him to stop. In killing Quinn and taking Althea's SWAT truck, Martha has proven to be a more than capable adversary. Martha has already destroyed their transportation, leaving them with no choice but to take shelter in a hospital. Morgan and the others are now trapped on a roof. Jim (Aaron Stanford), one of the newest additions to the group, has already been infected.

Even if they manage to escape the hospital, they'll still have Martha to deal with outside. Martha's insanity and willingness to do whatever it takes makes it impossible for Morgan to predict her next move. Though only two episodes remain in season 4, there's still plenty of time for Martha to cause even more chaos and death.

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Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead continues Sunday, September 23rd on AMC.

Source: AMC

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