Fear the Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Meet the Otto Family

WARNING: Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead follow


A brand new trailer for next week's episode of Fear the Walking Dead season 3 has just dropped giving us a closer look at the relationship dynamic among the Otto men. With two episodes and a shocking death already done for the newest iteration of the AMC series, the show moves forward with a proper introduction to the new characters of the season.

The upcoming third outing of the postapocalyptic show titled "TEOTWAWKI" will further deal with the aftermath of Travis' (Cliff Curtis) death after he ejected himself from the helicopter that is transporting them to Broke Jaw Ranch and sealing his fate. Now that the whole group has finally touched down at Otto ranch, we get to be more up close and personal with how brothers Troy (Daniel Sharman) and Jake (Sam Underwood) Otto and patriarch, Jeremiah Otto Sr. (Dayton Callie) exactly run their turf.

In the new teaser clip for the upcoming episode (see above), Jake talks to the people of Broke Jaw Ranch - counseling them on the recent tragedy of the helicopter being ambushed. While he takes on a more calm approach encouraging the people to take a moment to grieve, Jake, on the other hand, does not want to waste take a step back and is more interested in finding out who attacked them and serve the payback that they deserve.

The trailer shows how the two men have very different ways to operate. In an interview with Comic Book, Sharman reveals that there is a simmering tension between the brothers brought about their different upbringings.  Jake has studied constitutional law on the East Coast and eventually becoming a lawyer and Troy feels like he always has to live in the shadows of his half-brother:

"Troy is almost the black sheep of this family, but he has a brother who is a lawyer and is so diametrically opposite to him, but rewarded in the old world...His relationship with his brother has tons of history of guilt and kinda of abandonment, but also adoration and everything you get from that kind of golden brother."

This intense family dynamic is expected to play a huge role as to what kind of settlement Broke Jaw Ranch will be for the remaining survivors. The strained relationship between Jake and Troy offers a new developing story angle that fans can look forward to in the new season of Fear the Walking Dead. Furthermore, it is also curious to find out which of Jeremiah's sons he will favor on.

The remaining members of the group may have already reunited with each other at a place that could serve as their solitude for the time being, but it appears that the are in danger now as much as when they are out in the wild with the looming uncertainties that Broke Jaw Ranch poses. On top of everybody dealing with their own issues, there is also a chance that they could all be significantly affected by the power struggle among the Otto men.

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Fear the Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘TEOTWAWKI’ @9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC, Comic Book

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