How Fear the Walking Dead Characters Would’ve Handled Negan

Though Rick's decision to spare Negan in the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead may have come as a big surprise to fans, characters on Fear The Walking Dead may have taken a similar approach if Negan had appeared on their show instead.

Over the course of season 8, Rick's hatred for Negan was a driving factor in the character's mission to defeat the Saviors. After spending an entire season in servitude to the Saviors, Rick was eager to go to war with Negan. Though Rick's ruthlessness was shared by Maggie, Morgan, and Daryl, there were some characters, like Carl who found his attitude troubling. Carl wanted his father to pursue peace, rather than endless bloodshed. Though Carl's death deeply affected Rick, it didn't seem to have an immediate impact on his outlook on the war. It wasn't until the final moments of his battle with Negan that Rick chose to spare his life. This decision divided the other characters, particularly Maggie.

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In an interview with TV Guide, Fear the Walking Dead stars Garrett Dillahunt and Danay Garcia talk about how their characters would have handled Negan. Dillahunt, who plays John Dorie, says he would have shot the gun out of Negan's hand, since John is a "good shot" who doesn't "waste a lot of bullets", unlike many characters in The Walking Dead shows. Garcia, who plays Luciana, thinks that her character would have dealt with Negan in a non-violent way:

Frank Dillane as Nick and Danay Garcia as Luciana in Fear The Walking Dead

Women, we negotiate. We try to understand the other side. We're not that emotional about killing. But I think I would just try to listen to his story, calm him down, try to talk to him to learn Spanish with me. I don't think I would go hardcore because he's obviously a very scary character. You learn to deal with danger in such a way.

It's hard to imagine that a non-violent approach could ever have worked on Negan, a person who has cold-bloodedly murdered countless people to get the resources he wants. Though it's fortunate that the characters of Fear the Walking Dead will likely never cross paths with Negan, they already have their hands full with the show's newest villains, the Vultures. Their treatment of the Vultures does seem to indicate that these characters are more willing to look for peace than Rick's group. John has stated that he doesn't like to kill. After the little girl, Charlie, was revealed to be a spy for the Vultures, Luciana still made efforts to find her a book to read.

These beliefs may be tested in coming episodes, now that Charlie has murdered Nick, and John has discovered that Naomi may have been killed when the stadium fell.

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Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead continues Sunday, May 13 at 9pm ET on AMC.

Source: TV Guide

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