Fear The Walking Dead Tells 'Great Story' For Morgan Says Kirkman

Fear The Walking Dead fans can expect a "great story" for the character of Morgan when he crosses over into the spinoff, according to franchise creator Robert Kirkman. For three seasons, Fear The Walking Dead has existed separately from its parent series, The Walking Dead, by both acting as a prequel and being set in a completely different area of the United States. Fear has told its own story with original characters and although the two shows naturally share similar thematic and tonal cues, there has yet to be a direct link between the two.

That status quo is all set to change, however, due to the decision to have one lucky Walking Dead character crossover from their own series into the other. After much feverish fan speculation in which Abraham was the leading choice, Morgan was ultimately revealed as the mystery figure, crossing over from The Walking Dead into Fear when the show returns for season 4 this April. Although it remains to be seen exactly how Morgan finds himself alongside Madison and the gang, several released images have shown the fan-favorite character in script readings and seemingly in desperate peril as he prepares to take Morgan into new territory.

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Although Morgan was a surprise choice for The Walking Dead's crossover character, Kirkman has moved to assure fans that big things are lined up for the man in Fear the Walking Dead. Speaking with EW, Kirkman states:

“When Scott [Gimple, showrunner] suggested moving Morgan over, it seemed like a really great idea and a really cool way to bring things in. I know the audience doesn’t really know exactly how that makes sense yet or what’s actually coming of it. As the year progresses and you see exactly what it is, you’ll see that it’s going to be a really great story for Morgan that will give us a lot of cool insight into his character.”

Lennie James in Fear the Walking Dead

Speaking specifically about Lennie James joining the Fear the Walking Dead cast, Kirkman claims:

“It’s going to be a lot of really great stuff for Lennie James to do. Lennie James’ presence with that established cast in Fear the Walking Dead is going to change everything for them and give them so much more new stuff to play off of and really change the story in an interesting way that I feel like is going to kick start that show and really get the engines roaring on that one.”

Certainly, Kirkman isn't wrong when he refers to fans being confused over how Morgan fits into the Fear timeline. Given Morgan's appearances in The Walking Dead, the large geographical area between both shows and the havoc zombies have brought upon the U.S. travel network, there seems to be little opportunity, or indeed motive, for Morgan to have traveled West to meet up with the Fear characters. Of course, there is a distinct possibility that Madison and her family will head East and meet Morgan somewhere near his own location but in either case, it's a question that needs to be answered and Kirkman's awareness of this is certainly reassuring, as it means a proper answer will likely be provided.

One of the most interesting opportunities presented by Morgan's crossover potentially relates to a theory recently addressed by Kirkman: that Madison could become future The Walking Dead villain, Alpha. If this proves to be the case, the Morgan scenes in Fear season 4 could be set within the current timeline of The Walking Dead and feature Morgan encountering Madison in her Alpha persona, while the regular Fear timeline explains how she evolved into the villain. This would also account for Morgan's hurried departure in the most recent run of The Walking Dead.

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Fear The Walking Dead season 4 premieres Sunday, April 15 on AMC.

Source: EW

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