Fear The Walking Dead Theory: Sherry Saves Morgan In Season 6

Morgan in Fear The Walking Dead

Sherry (Christine Evangelista), Dwight's wife, may be the one character who can save Morgan (Lennie James) on Fear the Walking Dead. It looks like Morgan, a character who has managed to greatly outlive his comic counterpart, is about to meet a grisly end. But despite the dire circumstances facing the character, Morgan may still have a way out.

In the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 finale, Morgan's group prepares to make a last stand against Virginia (Colby Minifie) and the Pioneers, but it's eventually decided that a fight won't end well for either side. After making an impassioned plea, Morgan manages to convince Virginia to save everyone, as opposed to just picking and choosing which ones survive. Virginia reluctantly agrees, but what Morgan doesn't know until it's too late is that the only person Virginia plans to leave behind is him. Virginia decides that Morgan and his values are a threat to what the Pioneers stand for. After everyone is split up, Virginia shoots Morgan and leaves him for dead. His fate, however, still remains up in the air.

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What happens to Morgan is the immediate concern. Everyone is gone, the vehicles are gone, Morgan is badly wounded, and zombies are closing in on him. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Morgan is able to escape unscathed without any help. Even if he breaks away from the crowd of zombies, he won't get far with a gunshot wound. What this means is that someone will have to save him, and that someone just might be Sherry, Dwight's wife. Sherry has never appeared in the flesh on the show, but that could change in Fear the Walking Dead season 6, especially since her inclusion was teased at the start of the season finale.

Sherry hasn't been seen since The Walking Dead season 7, but she's been referenced multiple times over the course of Fear the Walking Dead season 5. Dwight had temporarily given up on finding her, but he believed that he heard her voice over the radio in the finale. He later chalked this up to a hallucination, but the season 6 premiere can reveal that this scene was in fact setting up Sherry joining Fear the Walking Dead. She could find Morgan while searching for Dwight, which could lead to the two trying to reunite the group.

Who else can save Morgan but Sherry? Every existing main character has been removed from the equation, thanks to Virginia. Virginia and her people took them all away, so Morgan is now completely isolated. Whoever saves Morgan will either be someone new, someone was has been absent from the show for a long time, or perhaps someone like Sherry, a character who has been hinted at throughout the season but never seen. Now may be the perfect time for Sherry to finally appear. And given that she used to be with the Saviors, it's certainly possible that she knows who Morgan is - just like Dwight does.

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